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Chicago, Illinois, USA-based specialists in the field of
sick rock, Macabre's chief obsession is with serial
killers. The positive response on the fanzine network to
their mass murderer-fixated demos demonstrated the degree
to which Macabre, who were formed in 1985, tapped into a
fascination of the heavy metal underground. During the late
80s, serial killers were becoming the ultimate villains -
icons of antisociality - and serial killer T-shirts,
magazines and books were doing a brisk trade on the darker
fringes of youth culture. In More...

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Reviews about Macabre songs

Blood for Blood | Reviewer: Death
    ------ About the song Vampire Of Dusseldorf (Peter Kurtin) performed by Macabre

yet again another song of murder. this one really pleases me. i find it to be one of macabre beteer songs. they described Peter Kurtin to the T. the get inside the murderes and project the anthems for us to enjoy. stay sick macabre- you'll never know the joy you bring to me - time and time again.

This is messed up | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song David Brom Took An Axe performed by Macabre

I was friends with Diane Brom, David's sister, and when I came across the lyrics to "David Brom Took an axe",it disgusted me. Does macabre have nothing better to do then sing about peoples tragedies? Even if I hadn't know the family, The lyrics suck. Grow up Macabre!!!!!!!

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