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How do you create a masterpiece of modern metal? Is it a
conscious effort on the part of the artists or is it
something more organic – a confluence of events and moods,
emotions and mechanics that all come together in the right
place at the right time? That’s the question that comes to
mind upon the first listen to Machine Head’s sixth studio
album The Blackening. Guitars rip, drums pound, bass
thunders and lyrics resonate as the Bay Area quartet soars
past the bar set by its critically-lauded predecessor
Through the Ashes of More...

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Review about Machine Head songs
Sociopathy | Reviewer: MachineDeth
    ------ About the song Spine performed by Machine Head

I guess it's about Robb singing about someone who has betrayed him... who is a total motherfucker and sociopath
He says that his whole live based on this...
and tries to convince himself that hes 'the only one'...
and hes damn right!

Love you Robb!

Society | Reviewer: MachineDeth
    ------ About the song Down To None performed by Machine Head

It's pretty hard to interpretate there much... becuase the text is really short... in that case only robb knows what its about.
Maybe its about society... how all the other make you 'Bow down to no one Bow down to none' because of the mental pain they give you with their actions...
But i think its definitely about someone giving you mental pain...

Love you Robb

Molestment and Threatenings! | Reviewer: MachineDeth
    ------ About the song My Misery - The More Things Change performed by Machine Head

Im not really sure whats this about... maybe its about a person which he had a really close relationship to...
he has threatened him... made him want to die! but then he asked 'for forgiveness... for my respect'... how he reacted to that is unknown...
it might be a a gf... or maybe a family member... maybe even his father... his real father!

Love you Robb

:P | Reviewer: Ultima
    ------ About the song This Is The End performed by Machine Head

This song has pushed me forward and as this unknown force guided me out of the dark again, I was left with nothing. Nothing but 20 euro, some dope and Machine Head. Thank you, Machine Head, for all that you have done for me. I'd brohug anyone of you guys for helping me through the darkest nights. It's always darkest before the dawn and you taught me the sun will rise again.. even for someone who has fallen as far as I have. I may never have a future and my past frightens me thus much that the present doesn't even hold any value towards me, but.. I embrace the future nonetheless with my mp3 player, my headphones and Machine Head blasting away the memories. I love you guys with all of what is left of me. Machine Fucking Head till I die. <3 Music, my savior, Machine Head, my love. Never stop believing in yourself.

amazing | Reviewer: dark side
    ------ About the song Deafening Silence performed by Machine Head

13years ago first time i heard this song...until now i still remember... this song was build me inside thru the all nothing like this song...every single days in my head this song keeps me struggle than before...

Robb is a fuckin genius! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Ten Ton Hammer performed by Machine Head

this song and the whole "them ore things change ..." album are like his predecessor wonderfully brutal and full of rage and hatred!
i feel always in both of the first albums so comfortable!
it seems like there is atleast one other person on this planet that felt as much hate and pain like me!
unfortunately mine is still going on and is even risin.
i love it alwas to play this song along on the guitar gives me always good mood!

educational | Reviewer: Teacher
    ------ About the song Imperium performed by Machine Head

Just have to mention it here. I'm a teacher for a class of 8 year old kids. We were having a wish concert on the Smart-board, after 3 versions of Gangnam Style, I asked them if they wanted to hear something different, then I put on this song. (Their english knowledge is very limited so far, so didn't mind the cursing in the song.)

They loved it!

As a friend of mine said:"there is hope."

Clenching The Fists Of Dissent, a beautiful opening. | Reviewer: Tyler
    ------ About the song Clenching The Fists Of Dissent performed by Machine Head

This song is a perfect opening to a perfect album, The Blackening. The lyrics, the riffs, the drums and the bass lines (just listen) are all perfect. Rob Flynn's vocals leave a bit to be decided, they are great at times but at first listen they can be a bit unbearable, over time they get better and better. Flynn's vocals definitely improved on 'Unto The Locust'.

Simply amazing... | Reviewer: Caeryx
    ------ About the song Deafening Silence performed by Machine Head

This song is a gem in a very unexplainable time for one of the greatest bands to emerge out of metal music, in my opinion.

I've been a devout head case for years. I think what got me into machine head in the first place was the style of the Blackening and Burn my eyes, so as a teenager hearing Supercharger after those two I was sorely unimpressed. Needless to say, I look back and wish I gave this album more of a chance. It has things in it that a lot of bands wouldn't dare to experiment with, but Machine Head did them right.

It is a beautiful piece of music. Now that I have grown older and have lived a lot more of a life, I can relate a lot more to some more of the stuff from supercharger and this, I have to say, is the best song on the entire album. It is filled with emotion and expression and the way the song moves is very unique and filled with power. It was really strange- when Unto the Locust came out I didn't think that Machine Head could top it, everything is just so amazing. But I listened back to Supercharger while I was at work and started to realise that it's all just the culmination of a journey that the band has been through over the years. A journey I didn't really understand fully, since I had no memory of this song or others on this album whatsover.

I was going through a relatively rough time then, so to find something that was what I think, expressionately on par with their new material, was a really good thing for me. Especially since the lyrics are so personal to the situation I was in. It felt good that yet again, Robb Flynn's lyrics could reach out to me and help me through a dark time in my life.

Bands like Machine Head should be cherished. They do more for people than you would expect.

The most beautiful? | Reviewer: Tiny Death Metal-O
    ------ About the song Descend The Shades Of Night performed by Machine Head

I wonder which is better. Descend the Shades of Night, or The Burning red? There's one for the machine head regulars. Also, Robb Flynn, you have the sexiest voice in metal. I salute you.

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