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Macklemore Biography

Last updated: 06/24/2012 12:00:00 PM

Macklemore is an emcee from Seattle Washington who often shows off the larger works, he opens in the city on your own show that he keeps the audience no matter how small the quantity

On his debut album, The Language of My World Macklemore features a lyrical landscape of classical proportions, this disc is teeming with energy and ambition to serve as a worthy debut for one of the country's most promising young artists Macklemore gift, like all great songwriters is his ability to speak of universal experiences in a uniquely personal way across the Language of My World Macklemore consistently addresses topics are uncomfortable or taboo in an effort to drive out their own personal demons

His music is inspiring filled with social and racial consciousness and ENSA designtive political vision, he is also funny as hell makes music that is at once hilarious and affecting Born and raised in Seattle's Capitol Hill Macklemore has been an integral part of the Seattle hip-hop scene for the past 7 years he developed his style and character of some of elevated Elements, which he founded, he was only 14 years old and quickly moved on to pursue his solo career from these humble beginnings Macklemore matured both the songwriter and performer to an artist who apparently are beginning to realize its near limitless potential

The Language of My World marks beginning of a movement album also has the talents emcee Xperience, which together with Macklemore represents one half of the super-group Steps Step Cousins Cousins Features the lighter side of MacklemoreThe chemistry that these two have together is nothing short of timeless and their debut album will be reduced during the summer of 2006 is sure to break the mold

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