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The voice of Macy Gray is a wondrous thing. It can be as
intimate as the wee small hours or as exciting as a packed
nightclub; disarmingly sweet on one song, harsh and raspy
on another. The obvious comparison is to the post-war
Billie Holiday, but there are traces of other singers both
legendary and little-known: Abbey Lincoln, Betty Davis,
Nina Simone, Karen Dalton, Tina Turner. Yet in the end,
Macy Gray sounds like no one but herself: Within eight bars
of any given song on her Epic debut album, On How Life Is,
The Voice is More...

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Review about Macy Gray songs
Not just about boyfriends | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Try performed by Macy Gray

This song touched my heart for a different reason. I go to college in a different city from the one where my parents live, and I have a really strong and close relationship with them. They are my best friends, and every time vacations end and I have to go and leave them, this song is just so perfect to describe what I feel.

still together | Reviewer: jacqui macfarlanr
    ------ About the song I Try performed by Macy Gray

this song is amazing fate brought me and my boyfriend of 3 years tigether wen neither of us were looking. very tough times to go through in order for us together but we have made it. this song sums up my love for him totally heart wrenching lyrics

Macy GRAY | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Still performed by Macy Gray

Songs are not written for examples set, they are written from emotions... Which is never black and white. Great song about heartache and loving someone who does not love you back... Or are so damaged they can not.... It reflects the back and forth. And the pain.

so love sick | Reviewer: love sick
    ------ About the song I Try performed by Macy Gray

i feel exactly this way around a guy i absolutely love, it was love at first sight but its an impossible relationship for so many reasons. Everytime i look at him i melt inside and feel my knees wobbly, but i pretend to be cold and not let him see through my act even though i think its impossible to hide as hard as i try.

Fate Relationships and Broken Hearts | Reviewer: DancingRose
    ------ About the song I Try performed by Macy Gray

Two people brought together by fate, but too many differences in beliefs break them apart - . Trying to be strong, but miss those kisses and tenderness. this song says it all-will be dreaming of what was for a long time

life sucks | Reviewer: scott
    ------ About the song I Try performed by Macy Gray

oh good golly just fills my heart! erytime i lsten to this dannk i just wanna kiss my dog! i love my life and everyone in it. gosh i love crying so darn muchhhhhhh <3 peeave out boy scouttt i like boys!

prisoner love | Reviewer: Jessica
    ------ About the song I Try performed by Macy Gray

I luv this song....n her voice goes perfect with it...I luv it I can listen 2 it this song...this song came out juss when I made the biggest desicion of my luv life...I had 2 choose between luv or wellness n comfortability......:'-( what do u think I chose :'-( .......yeah n I'm a strong woman o I don't cry when I hear it..but I sure want to.....Speedy I will alwayz luv u where ever u r:-*

maybe it's a metaphor | Reviewer: Jazmin, 17
    ------ About the song Still performed by Macy Gray

I really appreciate this song 'cause like some of the other people who commented said that it isn't only for women who get hit by their lovers. It's that loving someone you shouldn't is the most difficult thing. After saying bye to a guy I really fell for I had to keep telling myself that even if nobody's perfect, you still shouldn't aim for someone that doesn't treat you right 100% of the time. He never beat me, he just took my love for granted. I knew him since I was at least 7 and dated him for 2 years but his actions spoke louder than his words, lettin me down too many times. This part reminds me of him most: "We are going down
Cuz you're always getting high
And your crumbs of lovin
No longer get me by"

The love of my life | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Try performed by Macy Gray

My husband left me after 20 years of marriage, almost 3 years ago. We have two gorgeous children. He is the love of my life, I will love him until the day I die. Every word in this song is how I feel about him. I can never listen to this song without crying!

Still- | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Still performed by Macy Gray

This song does go beyond a woman being hit by her spouse this song reminds me alot of myself I have been with a man that treats me good in every aspect except he cheats ad thinks he gets away with it, the bruses are on my heart not my face, and I should know better then to stay but I still hold n to something will most likely never be.... I try to leave but I am not sure whether or not I am more miserable with or without him... its sad

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