Mad Season Lyrics

Layne Staley - Vocals
Mike McCready - Guitar
Martin Barrett - Drums
"Baker" - Bass

Its Sunday, October 16, 1994. A new band - or so it seems -
takes the stage at Seattles Crocodile Cafe. The audience
waits expectantly, curious about what kind of music these
newcomers (so new they dont even have a name yet) will
provide. But, a closer look at the musicians on stage
reveals that these guys arent newcomers at all. The band
features members from some of the biggest groups in rock
today: Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, the Screaming Trees. More...

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Review about Mad Season songs
How are you guys doing? | Reviewer: Jazzy
    ------ About the song Wake Up performed by Mad Season

The ex-junkies, that is, seven or eight years down the road from when you posted here?

Hopefully you've come through...Robin Williams slit his wrist and hung himself yesterday. His main thing was booze, but major depression, plenty of blow back's all poison.

Layne | Reviewer: Dreamer5469
    ------ About the song River Of Deceit performed by Mad Season

One of the best grunge era songs ever made. Such a tragedy to lose someone so talented and so young. Maybe he had finished what he needed to on this earth and he is writing and singing his tunes to a higher power now. River of deceit is an amazing song. One I never tire of. Rip Layne

Meaning of this song | Reviewer: Jonesy
    ------ About the song X-Ray Mind performed by Mad Season

Dude, it clearly speaks to what Layne is feeling. He knows that he has an X RAY MIND and he can see through everyone (Jerry or whoever) trying to help him:
Do the laughs die when
One such as I run
And allow myself
Time for own true needs
When convincing me
That you're on my team
May not lie to me
But not mentioning

I think he knows how messed up he is and he wants them to stop bugging him. "Hire a spy and bug me" Meaning, ok, follow me then if you dont believe me...which we all know he wasn't telling the truth, but in his own MIND, he was trying....

True story | Reviewer: A-Ron
    ------ About the song I'm Above performed by Mad Season

If anyone else understand the lyrics here you've been through the pain I have. Tell me this song didn't make you feel like a superhero and I've got a wolverine punch for your.... OK, maybe you're young and naive and don't know any better. Did you just insult my mother? Here's a dick-hole stretching knee to the groin for your insolence. Watch your crotch, biatch.

Layne Staley | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Don't Know Anything performed by Mad Season

THE BEST HARMONIES THAT WILL EVER BE RECORDED IN MY OPINION! !! THE NEW GUY is awesome. Its nice to see color in a metal band..Ii wish Layne Staley was still here. But for me hell never die as ling as his voice is heard.R.I.P.& GOD BLESS HIS FAMILY ESPICALLY HIS MOM. SHE SEEMS SO NICE.CHRIS SLAY cslay555@gmail. com

This is a place to review a song and relay your interpretations. | Reviewer: So funny
    ------ About the song River Of Deceit performed by Mad Season

This is a place to review a song and relay your interpretations. I don't quite understand why the negativity. In real life 99% of the people calling each other idiots wouldn't think about doing so in person, but since its anonymous. We all have a right to our own opinions, so let us express such. After reading over others interpretations if I may call them such, (the venom i've read made me forget why i was on here)made this site pointless. Thank you

brutal | Reviewer: mike
    ------ About the song River Of Deceit performed by Mad Season

Excellent points below. The lyrics really are a brutal, self-actualization (albeit not rainbows and puppy dogs) epitaph. He puts himself in the descriptive lyrical realm o Dylan, yet chooses to turn the subject on his Johnson-esque crossroads. Neither direction is gonna be pretty. And so, as many other artists through the centuries, his choice is not to fade away....and he is now in that great hall of the artist without life but with peace...

beautiful lyricswr | Reviewer: corilia
    ------ About the song River Of Deceit performed by Mad Season

Well I just listened(again)to mad season and river of deceit and I gotta tell ya layne's voice was so sweet and I love singing along with his songs. I also love "artificial red"it is such a sweet bluesy song and layne really nails it for the essence of this song and album. His talent is sorely missed .peace out

Most Powerful Song on the album, | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Wake Up performed by Mad Season

Unreal Song. First on a VERY underrated album. Really puts you in the mindset of a man who's desperate. Haunting Even. Amazing that he can realize and respect the power of his addiction yet still be unable to outlive it. A lot of amazing work came from this man, and this emotional spiral of addiction may have peaked at this song, and on this album.


This is for Dummies | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song River Of Deceit performed by Mad Season

Layne wrote more than 2-3 songs. Layne wrote several songs. Most of Dirt-Layne. Man in the Box-Layne. Rain When I Die-Layne. Nutshell-Layne. Sludge Factory-Layne. So, before you tell people to stfu...perhaps you should learn who wrote what before you make yourself sound more like an ass. Layne can speak to anyone's heart through his music. You sound like you are just a bitter person that believes only his/her own opinions are more important than anyone else's. if you don't want to hear people's opinions on a lyrics page, then don't visit pages that allow people to express what they think the lyrics mean. Also, art is made to be related to. How can one not appreciate it if they do not relate nor feel connected to it? Jerry did write quite a few of the songs, but Layne contributed to writing the lyrics as well. Hell, he even helped write the music on a few of them. So perhaps you should not be such a doh he and let people express themselves, the very way you did. You are not a true AIC fan. A true AIC fan would know the dynamics of the band as well as feel the music. Besides, this is Mad Season, not AIC. So get off your high horse and stop being a cyberbully. You'll only get pulled down...down, oh down. Seems like your pain is self-chosen as well.

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