Madina Lake Lyrics

Location: Chicago, IL United States
Formed: January 2004
Influences: Refused, NIN, Smashing Pumpkins, & More

Madina Lake is about more than music for the members of the
band. Throughout Madina Lake’s music is a running social
commentary, a mirror to a homogenized society; an emotional
reaction to artifice and superficiality embedded within
brilliant, shimmering pop songs and drive to affect a
change with that sound.

The band’s identity is rooted in the common appreciation of
a variety of musical genres and a growing discomfort More...

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Review about Madina Lake songs
mind has been blown | Reviewer: emo panda
    ------ About the song Here I Stand performed by Madina Lake

this is the first song i ever heard from madina lake but it has changed me. i never bellieved that songs could change ppl. i love how it switches from slow to rock. i love evrything about it. there is no flaw in madina lake.

Senior Graduation | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song We'll Be Okay performed by Madina Lake

I vehemently believe this song should either be used as the song in our Senior Slideshow ORRRR used as the Senior Song or even simply AT GRADUATION! ''We'll Be Okay'' is too perfect lyrically and melodically for it NOT to used. So bittersweet.

supr cool but sad | Reviewer: jasmine
    ------ About the song Adalia performed by Madina Lake

I luv this song a lot especially since its something I can dance 2, but I just feel bad for adalia bcuz this song is suppose 2 b about her & her problems while her boyfriend is out somewher falling 4 another girl. Ps. The lead singer is adalia's boyfriend.

so sweet and thoughtful | Reviewer: Nikki
    ------ About the song Morning Sadness performed by Madina Lake

It took me a while to realize this song was about the loss of the twins' mum, but it is such a sweet song, one of the few that doesnt consist of a break up but still very sweet, i had a foreign ex send it to me and said it was us, but once i got the meaning of the song, i didt want it to be us.

<3 | Reviewer: Karasu.
    ------ About the song One Last Kiss performed by Madina Lake

An ex told me about this song - one I still have feelings for. Unfortunately, I'm currently in a relationship. I still have feelings for my ex, but I honestly have no clue what to do.

He really did ask me for one last kiss..

Perfect. | Reviewer: Derek
    ------ About the song Here I Stand performed by Madina Lake

This song is perfectly written, not a flaw that i could find. This song is mesmerizing, it feels like i'm in the moment, in his shoes, it makes me cry, or sometimes makes me smile to know that someone else feels exactly like i do. About 2 months ago, my girlfriend of 6 months showed me this song, i loved it, until, to my surprise she broke my heart, it makes me wonder if this song wasn't written i would be able to get through? I love this song and Madina lake, i truely appriciate everything Madina Lake has written, and this has to be one of their best song's written.

i really love it (: | Reviewer: lolle
    ------ About the song One Last Kiss performed by Madina Lake

i really love this sing, and right now it fits my situation perfectly... hate that it does, but thats love.. hate it or love.. Hate It -.-'
But anyways, isnt it
"Goodbye", she said
"And went and found somebody new"?

wow.. | Reviewer: emo arvhs(///_T)
    ------ About the song Here I Stand performed by Madina Lake

its very aztig like woeh.. amazing and very dramatic ...

i really like seeting in the lake and the song points straight to the heart of every emo ,punk ,or dead there is... cool... i love madina lake...

River People | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song River People performed by Madina Lake

This song has a great beat and an amazing tune. The lyrics are good and flow well with the song. The transitions in melody are smooth as well. This is my favorite song on the CD, it's amazing and eerie and I love it!

encore please. | Reviewer: jess
    ------ About the song Here I Stand performed by Madina Lake

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! here i stand is absolutley amazing!! hands down. there is nothing else to say. i love madina lake! they are all so cute too! songs like this inspire all the songs that my friends and i jam to! :)

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