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After a star reaches a certain point, it's easy to forget
what they became famous for and concentrate solely on their
persona. Madonna is such a star. Madonna rocketed to
stardom so quickly in 1984 that it obscured most of her
musical virtues. Appreciating her music became even more
difficult as the decade wore on, as discussing her
lifestyle became more common than discussing her music.
However, one of Madonna 's greatest achievements is how she
manipulated the media and More...

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Review about Madonna songs
One of the best songs ever | Reviewer: Holmes
    ------ About the song The Power Of Good-Bye performed by Madonna

Definitely it's one of the best songs ever composed. The lyrics are as deep as Pushkin or Byron poems and both music and video are just brilliant. The situation shown in this song happens frequently in real life and it's really hard to say good-buy despite of all things sometimes...

Correction: Madonna Did Not Write the Song | Reviewer: ChatThreadInterloper
    ------ About the song Don't Cry For Me Argentina performed by Madonna

I'm no fan of Madonna or her portrayal of Eva Peron, so I should first admit that I happened upon this thread quite by accident. I simply couldn't help but notice that nobody has offered a correction to the assertion that Madonna had anything to do with the 'Evita' theme song. That is to say, other than warbling the lyrics, made famous by Patti Lapone in the Broadway production. The music is by Andrew Lloyd Weber and the lyrics are by Tim Rice. Madonna has certainly never written any lyrics worthy of a chat thread that spans 4 years.

Its the best song in the whole universe | Reviewer: MariaSherlyn
    ------ About the song La Isla Bonita performed by Madonna

Oh, Madonna I'm from Bangladesh... I'm 14 years old & I love you so much!!!! I disliked old songs.... But your songs hooked me up.... Specialy this one. I never knew about this song. One day I heard it on Vh1 & I became a fan yours. You're the best singer ever in this world. I love you so much! I never get tired of listening this song... Love you with whole heart... And I swear I love this song more than anything!!!!

Great Song | Reviewer: Megan Daily
    ------ About the song Inside Of Me performed by Madonna

This song starts out really erotic and turns into the sweetest remembrance of love ended too soon.
Listening to a song from years ago brings back the most inviting sensation with a depth that only Madonna's voice can carry.
All her music really shines

one of the greatest song! | Reviewer: thembi
    ------ About the song Take A Bow performed by Madonna

what a song,makes you realise that some people are pervert,shameless and unremorseful for taking ones love for can you tell someone you love her when its easy to hurt her,thats what he did to me.I stood by him when he was down and out,when he cried i cried with him and every time he was well i was a pest in his life.for 17 years and never had guts to leave him because i was afraid but eventually still without a rig and with wo children with him i called it off.As proud as he can be he is lonely clown!

The End of Life as We Know it! | Reviewer: Patricia Lahey
    ------ About the song Live To Tell performed by Madonna

I am a rock singer, an English literature student, and a fairly intelligent person.......I can interpret the heck out of art....and this song is about a global that does not bode well for the majority of humanity.....Miss Donna has been in on it for a while...has become a bit of a Queen of the secret, really....well Madonna, we are starting to hear, learn and know......some of us at least......we have two eyes and that gives us perspective........::::::)

La Isla Bonita | Reviewer: Gouranga Dutta
    ------ About the song La Isla Bonita performed by Madonna

It's not only a song for me, but something more ....
When I heard this song for the first time , I was consummately fascinated by its rhythm and harmony. only for this wonderful song I desired to learn English song.... So,Madonna ,it's u from whom I got the inspiration..... Thank u very much....

Take a Bow | Reviewer: Bongani Sibiya
    ------ About the song Take A Bow performed by Madonna

When I'm down and distressed..This Song help keeps me alive...when ever I play it. I end up smiling all my troubles fades away by the blink of an eye......

Infact you become so emotionally...and you End up feeling like a new born baby...playing smiling you forget about this Cruel world...

Song of all times | Reviewer: Andrew Best
    ------ About the song Live To Tell performed by Madonna

Hmmm... i have listened to this music a few times but never paid attention to its lyrics until 24hrs ago. since then, i have not ceased from playing it. This music is trans-generational; a song for all times and seasons. God bless Madonna!

song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Beautiful Stranger performed by Madonna

Years after I heard this Madonna song, I was on line listening to what I think was The 13th Floor Elevators. I heard a song that was so close to this and now I can't find the song. You'll hear it easily.

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