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Gerald Walker Make Money Lyrics

Last updated: 09/08/2013 07:11:38 AM

I use to get starch magazine
What was the 'when I 'up in the sea
Go home and drink '
'little niggas'
I was try to make money, make money
Cuz when my pocket goes to empty '
And start sugar into empty
Make oney, make money
So get your money and ngga don't be surprise
..stop acting funny
Make money, money, ...
Make money, money
I said make money, money
Take money, money
Don't stop getting, getting,
Watch it I tell you how
You 'bout explore '
..take you to a '
That's only one way we can settle this
Come through and show you'
I'm a proof, I deserve don't matter where to go
If you know me /'
I'm sick'
I use to disrespect my kid every day got'
Like I know I should be home '
So if you see way I can '
That will leave you as grows
What a real nigga '
This nigga's'you're the queen type'
'not to be a team but just try to get the queen type
You know what I mean
'.i'mma young and '
But what make an exception, I only want a women
Cuz when im not saving the world, girl I'mma be right next to you

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