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Mario Biography

Last updated: 07/02/2013 08:30:19 PM

Teenage singing sensation Mario who would be releasing his album on July 9,2002 began his life by being a big dreamer. When Mario was little he knew he wanted to be an entertainer. One day Mario was at home singing in the shower and his mom thought it was the radio. At the age 4 Mario's mom knew he had alot of talent. Mario was born and raised in Baltimore,Maryland. He has now relocated and he now lives in Ney Jersey
Mario is a sophmore in high school. His influences are Usher, Brian McKnight, Joe, and Stevie Wonder. When Mario has free time he plays football and he also plays his playstation with his friends. Mario has alot of fun doing everytging he does and me, his mother and all of his fans enjoy it. God Bless and have a nice life

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