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The Walls Group Mighty You Are Lyrics

Last updated: 09/06/2013 06:33:54 AM

[Verse 1]
Lord God Almighty
You are clothed with Majesty
The heavens declare Your wonders
For You are great and do marvelous things

[Verse 2]
For You alone are God
There is no one else like You
Let the nations declare
That You have done great things

Mighty You are
Holy You are
Your mercy endureth forevermore
Righteous You are
Great You are
I will exalt You oh Lord
My God, my King

[Repeat verses 1 and 2, chorus]

And we cry
Oh oh oh, (You are Great)
Oh oh oh, (and greatly to be praised)
Oh oh oh, (and I will never cease)
Oh oh oh, ( never cease to bless Your name)
Oh oh oh, (You are a Mighty King)
Oh oh oh, (You are the strong Redeemer)
Oh oh oh, (my great Provider)
Oh oh oh, (and the Awesome One yeah)
Oh oh oh, (Great I Am)
Oh oh oh, (and the Almighty God)
Oh oh oh, (The Sovereign and Sacred Savior)
Oh oh oh, (and the magnificent and marvelous God)
Oh oh oh, (I will rejoice)
Oh oh oh, (and I will lift my voice)
Oh oh oh, (and I will, I will, I will, I will stand and declare)


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