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Miley, star in Disney Channel's new live action comedy Hanna Montana. She plays Miley Stewart, a 14 years old girl leading a double life as pop singer Hannah Montana.

Born November 23, 1992 in Nashville, Tennessee, Cyrus developed a love for the stage after watching her dad, country singer and actor Bill Ray Cyrus, perform. After appearing as an extra in her dad's television projects, Cyrus got her first chance to act opposite him in a recurring role on the television series "Doc." Since then, she guested - starred on "Love Boat; The Next Wave" and appeared in the Tim Burton film "Big Fish."

Since recently relocated to Los Angeles from Nashville with her parents, sister Brandi and Noah, brothers Trace and Braison and their dog Loco. Their seven horses, three dogs and two cats remain in Nashville under her grandmother's care - one of the most difficult adjustments for Cyrus who enjoys braiding the horse's tails. Now in her spare time in Los Angeles, she enjoys talking on the phone with friends back home. She also follows in her father's footsteps by writing music, playing guitar and singing. Her musical influences are pos singers Kelly Clarkson, Hillary Duff and Ashley Simpson. In addition, she enjoys dancing and cheerleading - ESPN continues to rebroadcast competitions which features her Tennessee Premiere Cheerleading squad.

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i love u miley | Reviewer: Reema kh.. | 3/24/14

Dear miley m a bit far away frm u... but i really would love to c u in person.. i dnt even think of dreaming it but i hav to, coz i luv u ... i think my life will be fruitful if i happen to c u in person.. i really like ur wrecking ball ... n all the othr songs.. luv u miley wish if i could get a chanc to chat wit u...

Listen to me now | Reviewer: Tracy | 12/14/13

Miley, you are growing up and no longer a teenager. You are a very sexy lady and you can twerk or do whatever your heart wants... you are you and living your life for you... not stupid people who think you should only do what a teen does. I love watching you perform and your "Wrecking Ball" is really GREAT! Busting out of your teen life with a wrecking ball was/is a super idea to let people know that you do have a life! Stay SUPER SWEET!!!!!

Listen to me!!! | Reviewer: Naleah hedges | 11/25/13

Dear miley, I had slways listen to your songs and after I found out you were becoming a twerking machine I just stopped so please listen to me just go back to yourself as a teenager not a stupid twerker!!!!!!!!

the real miley | Reviewer: rayana | 10/17/13

now when i listen to your music everyone askes me "why the hell are you listen ing to that slut becaus eo fwho you are now but i like you music alot im just wondrign how can ou change into an intier different person in son little time just plz plz plz plz go back plz?

just think about it

scincerly rayana

You ROCK | Reviewer: Charlie Carrington | 7/29/13

Hi Miley you are awesome I have got all of your CDs
And I have seen all your Hannah Montana episodes but then when I found out that there was Hannah Montana forever I watched that it was even better than the original one when I have geared you sing you have made me to follow my dreams so thank you I am rally thankful for that you are so amazing and you are a fantastic singer my favourite one is I can't be tamed I really like that song I have been watching your shows ever since I was six

Yours sincerely
Charlie xxx

Amazing | Reviewer: Jade | 7/12/13

I love Miley cyrus/Hannah montana since i was 7 i wanted to just like her,when i was 7 i thought she was truly miley sterwart so i alway wanted to have half my life being a popstar and the other half being a normal kid. She is my idol and she has at least everything i want in life, she has her own T.V show on disney channel she is a popstar she is pretty and the best. i'll always love her

california | Reviewer: maddie | 2/9/12

i am going to california on mid winter break i was wondering if you could come to san diego i am doing a project about you and i want to interview you for it!

e-mail me please!!

your awesome | Reviewer: jackie | 8/20/11

i used to admire you but now you have turned in to a slut ......
but i still love you and your voice iZ amazing and i still love you i know i have already said that iZ bcause i realy mean that and i would love to meat you and if you get a chance to in between all of your touring can you PLEZE come to waikerie high school by the way that iZ in the riverland i would love you for that and never critize you ever again
love from your #1 fan jackie

My idol :D | Reviewer: Tiana | 5/23/11

Miley Cyrus is my idol! She is the best teenage preformer out there! She can act, dance, and sing and she super passionate about everything she does! Her voice is beautiful and Shes one of the few people that sing incredible live! Smiley Miley for life <333

great so touching,,, | Reviewer: jonalyn | 2/4/11

i dnt rily know hanah montana is...coz b.c working always, just now wen i watch ur movie and then i heard u singing its really beautiful songs and u touch my heart. i love music and probably ur songs will inspired pipol entire the too late to react but its rily great...Godbless miley

<3 | Reviewer: Travis G | 3/2/09

i may be a 19 year old guy. and believe it or not i am straight and engaged to the most beautiful girl ever. but Miley Rocks my effing socks. i have a few of her albums, and can't wait to see the movie. my fiance is a little jealous though... keep it up Miley!

u r amazin dr !!! | Reviewer: saif | 2/1/09

i jus love ur songs n i love da way u act !!! i jus love da whole u !!! u r amazin trust me !!! u r a fantabulous singer n ur an amazin singer !!! i wud love 2 meet u in person !!!
plz luk afta urself n b da way u r !!!

pretty miley | Reviewer: jeniffer | 8/24/08

well... miley cyrus is a great actress/singer for me.. i really like her songs and the way she act. i wish that i could live a double life like hannah montana. i really want to see you in person and to know you like a friend. i really wish to sing with you. thanks. love lots jhen.

Your So Awesome | Reviewer: Ty | 7/17/08

Dear Miley,
I love yur songs && your show && everything about you. You are so preety and i wish i could be like && not so afraid of everything. You such an inspiration to me && once again your awesome && great keep doing what your doing && i also LOVE your new song 7 things && I ill definetly buy your CD

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