Miley Cyrus Lyrics

Miley, star in Disney Channel's new live action comedy
Hanna Montana. She plays Miley Stewart, a 14 years old girl
leading a double life as pop singer Hannah Montana.

Born November 23, 1992 in Nashville, Tennessee, Cyrus
developed a love for the stage after watching her dad,
country singer and actor Bill Ray Cyrus, perform. After
appearing as an extra in her dad's television projects,
Cyrus got her first chance to act opposite him in a
recurring role on the television series "Doc." Since then,
she guested - starred on "Love Boat; More...

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Review about Miley Cyrus songs
me awesome | Reviewer: scarlett
    ------ About the song The Climb performed by Miley Cyrus

miley u r awsme...I luved ur show...and I still watch episodes on YouTube......but u have changed so mch ....we all want u back as our old miley....plz start Hannah Montana again....plzzzzz.....n yes the song is awsme....

i love the OLD miley | Reviewer: jazzy
    ------ About the song Party In The USA performed by Miley Cyrus

wat happened to the beautifle,great at singing miley. now she has a big ass,short white hair,and a ugly tongue. if ur reading this miley,i just want u to know,i miss the 2010 miley. its for ur own good

miley's change | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Wrecking Ball performed by Miley Cyrus

miley is a terrible example! some kids used to actually like her because she had a good voice, and now they can't watch her music videos or go to her concerts because she might do something inappropriate! when she changed, she should have thought about her younger fans!

Miley | Reviewer: random
    ------ About the song Wrecking Ball performed by Miley Cyrus

Miley is the biggest idiot in the world. There are better ways to handle your frustration than setting a bad example for kids and teens all over, including her little sister! She should either get off the stage or go back to the girl who sang Party in the USA.

Jesus Angeles | Reviewer: Jesús Ángeles
    ------ About the song The Climb performed by Miley Cyrus

I love these lyrics they calm me down I LOVE U MILEY SINCE U CUT YOUR HAIR YUCK!! Fuck u miley wish u had Long HAIR back i miss u hannah montana i like all your songs but now u sing like a loser

rockstar | Reviewer: Nida
    ------ About the song Rockstar performed by Miley Cyrus

rockstar is a very rochinng and a very special song for parties and all and i also want to thanh miley fpr such a beautiful song. I think my favourite song is now rockstar and at last i really wanna say that miley ypu are a real actuall rockstar.

I love this song and it makes me feel great hearing the beautiful lyrics. | Reviewer: Victoria Blackwell
    ------ About the song The Climb performed by Miley Cyrus

I love the lyrics to this song and always have. This song tells people that they should keep moving no matter what challenges they are facing in life. I have always loved Miley as a person because her songs have kept me going through the years while I was facing my own tough times. Even after Miley changed into a different person I still listen to her music. I live in a very small town and we didn't think that we would have enough money to do a second play in DRAMA but we are doing another play and I have chosen to sing the song The Climb for my audition. DRAMA is something I have always been passionate about and I hope when I get on stage that this song will engulf others with it's power and tell people who are hurt to keep going.

what happened to miley cyrus | Reviewer: jazzy
    ------ About the song Party In The U.S.A performed by Miley Cyrus

i love this song from miley cyrus and this is the only song i would ever like from her now.she turned into beautifle to dating a sledge hammer.have you seen her new music vid.its called wrecking ball.its STUPID!what happened to you miley cyrus.all i have to say is i miss the old miley cyrus:(

the new Miley is terrific | Reviewer: makaveli
    ------ About the song Wrecking Ball performed by Miley Cyrus

Awesome song, awesome album and awesome Miley. She didn't change, she just grew up and that ain't bad, Rihanna did the same, Chris brown grew up too. It's best for them and their careers

her own self...don't judge her | Reviewer: jessica
    ------ About the song Wrecking Ball performed by Miley Cyrus

listen, i know people might say miley is a slut,likes shaking her ass,and always puts her tounge out,but doesn't mean you have to judge her though.she isn't perfect and neither are we.she wrote this song for a reason.liam did her wrong.miley just wanted to express her feelings by being free and to just destroy everything that gets her mad and pissed off.don't you guys know she has feelings like i said,DON'T JUDGE HER. Love you Miley.

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