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Milk Inc. Biography

Last updated: 08/21/2007

In 1996, Milk Incorporated was founded. It started out as a studio project. The very first release was a EP on the underground label of Dance Opera, including Cream, W.O.O.W., Cowmen, Back To The House Of Pain.

In april 1997 Milk Inc.'s first song with the name "La Vache". It wasn't a success in Belgium, but in the UK and France, they loved this record! So Milk Incorporated couldn't profile itself as a studio project anymore, but as a real group. Vocalist Jade 4 U (aka Nikkie Van Lierop) and producer Regi Penxten performed a lot in the UK and France. In France, they released under the label Hottracks of Scorpio Music France. Because they had so much success with "La Vache", the recordcompany decided to rename the group into "La Vache", so people could remember it! In October '97, a second song "Free Your Mind" was released! Because Jade 4 U was also the frontgirl of Praga Khan, she left the Milk Incorporated as Praga Khan became very popular in the USA. Sofie Winters took her place for a few months.

"Inside Of Me" was released in February '98. This time, the vocalist was Ann Vervoort. The song was popular in the clubs, but there was no commercial success. In March, they released a first album in France, with the name "Apocalypse Cow", still under the name "La Vache"! In December '98, they finally got a huge hit with "In My Eyes". The Belgian breakthrough was a fact. With this release in Belgium, they changed their name to Milk Inc. The French public didn't like this song at all and it was the last release in France for Milk Inc.!

"In My Eyes" turned into a gold record and in February they did a tour around France and Spain. In March '99, the next song "Promise" was released and did very well in the Belgian charts. In April '99, Milk Inc. received a "Donna Award" for "In My Eyes". It was time for a first album in Belgium, called "Apocalypse Cow". This album was released in May '99. "Oceans", the fifth Milk Inc. song, was released in June '99 and it was even called out as the summer hit of '99. "Losing Love", number 6, was released in November '99. Milk Inc. did so well they even received the TMF Award for "Beste National Dance Act". They toured a lot in Spain but also in Australia. With the artists from Antler Subway, they perfomed at a big "TMF Christmas 2000" show. Their was also a song together with all the artists, "Antler All Stars", a coversong "Do They Know It's Christmas", but each artist sang a coversong on their own, Milk Inc. made a new christmas song called "Alone at Christmas".

In April '00 they received a special Donna award "Best HolidaySong of The Year". A new song was released "Walk On Water". In May '00, Ann anounced that she was going to leave the group because she wanted to start a record company "Benimusa" at Ibiza together with her boyfriend Pat Krimson. She officially left the group at 15 September '00. September '00 was an exciting month for the Milk Inc.-fans. The new singer, Linda Mertens, was presented at the show "Hitkracht" together with the newest song "Land Of The Living". In October '00 they performed 5 days in South-Africa. In Belgium, they received the award for "Best National song 'Walk On Water'". In November '00, they released a second album "Land Of The Living".

In February 2001, the single "Livin' A Lie" was released together with a video that was filmed in Brussels and Antwerp. In March, Milk Inc. was nominated for the TMF-Awards in The Netherlands. On April 7, they won the award for "Best International Dance-Act" and their show was, as usually, wonderfull! The next single, number eleven, was "Never Again". During the summer, they had a lot of shows in Belgium, The Netherlands and Spain. In September, they went to Germany with a Tourbus. The video for "Walk On Water" was shot during that tour. Meanwhile, they were nominated again for the TMF-Awards from Belgium in 3 categories: "Best Dance National", "Best Single National 'Never Again'" and "Best Video 'Never Again'". On October 27, they won 2 of the 3 awards. "Best Dance National" and "Best Video National". Linda even cried when they received the award for "Best Dance National". Their performance was again really great and they did present "Wide Awake". On November 3, the newest single "Wide Awake" was released together with a Best Of-Album, with songs from the two other albums but also a cd with all the video's. At TMF there was a Milk Inc. Special in November! They had a lot of shows and completed the succesfull year with a big show at Sylvester-evening in Madrid (Spain).

In January, they were nominated for the award "Best International Dance-Act". They didn't win this award! In February, Milk Inc. was nominated again for "Beste Dance Act International" at the Hitkrant Awards in The Netherlands! They didn't won this award either! Linda came in the "Notenclub" to prove she can really sing! They performed together with Sylver at Donna's 10th birthday! Together they performed the greatest hits of ABBA and were also dressed like them! In March, they started a tour in Canada! A video was made for "In My Eyes" in the UK! In May there was also a video made for "Sleepwalker" in Portugal! On May 13, the single was finally available! They started their conquest of the UK with "In My Eyes" and reached the top 10 of the charts! In July, they made a video for the second single in the UK, "Walk On Water"! During the summermonths they toured a lot in Belgium, The Netherlands and Spain! In September "Walk On Water" was released in the UK, and also an album "Milk Inc.". The promotion began in the UK! But they also performed a lot in Spain. "Walk On Water" also reached the top 10 of the charts! They got nominated for the Belgian TMF Awards for "Best Dance Act" and "Best Video - Sleepwalker". On October 26 , they received the award for "Best Dance Act" and they performed their newest song "Breathe Without You"! From October, 27 , they toured with the Smash Hits Tour in the UK, together with big stars! Land Of The Living became a top10 hit in the UK. They also worked on a dutch song, for a good cause togheter with other belgian artists, called "Feest voor iedereen". After touring in Belgium and abroad, Milk Inc. had a succesful year.

2003 started with a short vacation for Milk Inc.! After that, they began touring again, in Belgium and abroad. At the end of April, the newest single "Time" was presented at Radio Donna's 11th birthday. A first visit to Scandinavia was a fact. In August the new single "The Sun Always Shines On TV" was presented and it was released in September. The next release for Germany was "Time" and "Breathe Without You". Thanks to their newest hit, they had a lot of performances on TV, like 'Tien Om Te Zien', Top of The Pops,... This year, Milk Inc. was nominated for 3 TMF Awards. And again, they won the award for Beste Dance. The opening of this event was also really special, they performed "Insomnia" by Faithless together with Lasgo and Sylver. This performance was so great everybody was ready for the show. Milk Inc.'s performance was, as usual, a big success. On October 6th, their newest album Closer was released. 14 songs, from which 6 already released. Some highlights on this album are the ballad "November", the duet between Linda and Silvy which is called "I Don't Care", the duet between Regi and Linda called "Maybe", but also the only instrumental song on the album called "Blown Away" is a nice piece of art. Of course, the other songs are completely songs like we are used to, all with the special Milk Inc. sound. During their performance at Base Pop, Milk Inc. had the chance to perform for the french part of Belgium. In October, a almost worldwide release for "The Sun Always Shines On TV" started. The album Closer also was released in several countries. On JimTv the fans could see a program about Milk Inc., how one of their days looks like. In November, Linda posed for a 3rd time for the magazin P-Magazine. To promote their work, they performed in Poland. The last month of the year was also really busy. Performing in Germany and Spain, visiting the Big Brother house, a showcase at JimTv, tv performance for Hitparty 2004,... This year was a very good one for Milk Inc., the yearreviews are the proove of their success.

At the beginning of 2004, "The Sun Always Shines On TV" was released in several countries like Germany, Switzerland, Australia,... Their next single was "I Don't Care", the duet with Silvy (from Sylver). In Poland, the album Closer was released. Furthermore, "I Don't Care" almost reached the top of the Belgian charts, but it couldn't get higher then the 3rd position. In March, they were nominated for the Dutch TMF Awards, the award for Best Dance International went to Special D. In April, they performed 3 shows in America and also once at a big dance event in Russia. In the UK, the Sun Always Shines on Tv was released on 12" with 2 brand new remixes. On May 31st, became the official Milk Inc. site. Like every summer, their agenda was full with performances in Belgium and The Netherlands. Several times, there were duoshows together with Sylver, including their hit "I Don't Care". In August, a Best Of 3cd box was released in Australia. In September, they released "Whisper" with a nice video. This song became another number 1 hit on the day they received the award for "Best Dance Act" and the "Life Time Achievement award" during the TMF Awards 2004. The very first DVD with all the videos and an accoustic set was released after the TMF Awards in October. The promotion for "Whisper" went on and the DVD also had a lot of media attention, many tv shows (like Swingpaleis, Kids Top 20, Top Of The Pops,...) and radio programs invited Milk Inc. to present this DVD. On Christmaseve there was a special (prerecorded) tv performance Swingpaleis Christmas edition where they performed "Do they know it's christmas time" together with other dance artists and on sylvesterevening a prerecorded tv performance at Tien Om Te Zien and Hitparty 2005.

At the beginning of 2005, Milk Inc. supported the Tsunami 1212 show in Belgium. They performed a lot in Belgium and Spain. On March 1, "The Sun Always Shines On Tv" was released in the USA. At the end of March, a big dance event BelgaDance was organized. Milk Inc. performed Blind for the very first time and Regi won the award for Best Producer. "Blind" was promoted on tv and radio on several shows. In May, Milk Inc. had a 2 day tour in Norway. In June, "Time" was released in the USA. The summer was very busy, with performances in Belgium and abroad. In August, the album Closer was released in the USA. As every year, they got nominated for "Best Dance Act" at the annual TMF Awards. On October 1, they won their 10th TMF Award and also presented their newest single "Go To Hell". In October, "Go To Hell" was released together with a smashing new video. Also another Best Of album was released, called Milk Inc. Essential. At the end of November, they were the "warm up act" at the Junior Eurosong Festival. To end another great year, in December, Milk Inc. performed in Norway, Spain, Scotland and of course Belgium.

On September 30, a very first concert at the "Sportpaleis" at Antwerp called Milk Inc. Supersized will be the highlight of 2006. Hopefully with several new Hits and awards...