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Tyrese My Best Friend Lyrics

Last updated: 12/06/2013 07:44:36 PM

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I would do anything in these streets, to keep you here.
Let’s go.

All the many days you were on my mind.
(Here in my life, just you and I)
Visions of me with you, all the time.
I’ll do whatever puts a smile on my baby’s face.
(Here in my life, just you and I)
You’re my best friend and you can never be replaced.

[Verse 1 – Black Thought:]
I’m on that homicide, suicide, drama like Islamabad
Under God, going overboard like the Amastade.
Ringing bells, looking funny, 2012, back in ’95.
I made it out alive. Now finally I’ve arrived.
But still threw back to all my other blue, black people
That’s stickin’ to it like, mice to a glue trap.
My work speak for itself, so I don’t interrupt.
I am an expert, this is no beginners luck.
If you denying the truth then I don’t give a fuck.
Otherwise put your hands and ya’ antennas up.
As we go into our initial decent, I’m alive but only fifty percent.
I’m praying God, give me the strength.

[Chorus - Tyrese:]
It seems somebody turned on the lights.
It seems somebody started a fight.
And I feel so alive. Finally, I realize.
And I don’t have to tell myself twice, I know that you’ve changed my whole life.
And if I know there’s one thing that’s the truth, I know I’d be lost if I lost you.

[Verse 2 - Ludacris:]
They say tomorrow’s not promised today, but today I promise,
If we don’t make our own way somebody’ll take it from us.
Snatch it like rats to cheese. So Lord, help me please.
‘Cause I’d rather die on my feet than to live on my knees.
Livin’ like I’m bulletproof. Cockin’ the glock then aim and shoot.
My future’s Everclear – 180 proof.
So I open the bottle then swallow my pride and drink the pain away
I take shots and just lay up, then fade away.
Dreaming of better days. Dreaming of better pay.
But we got our work cut out for us, so we better pray.
Pray to uphold the weak, not for eternal sleep.
But if I die, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

[Repeat Chorus]

You can never be replaced...

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