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Rhett & Link My Favorite Pillow Lyrics

Last updated: 08/18/2014 08:08:05 PM

Do, do you remember back in middle school;
When my trunks fell down at the pool.
Everyone laughed, except for you;
You just let me hold you in my bedroom.

Our freshmen year, when Julie McKnight;
Dumped me because of my overbite.
I cried all night all over you;
You didn't seem to mind my tears or my drool.

I could always hold you tight.
(My favorite pillow)
So soft, so cool on your other side.
(My favorite pillow)

In my eyes, you've been nothing but classy;
But everybody's saying you're nasty.
Full of fungus, it can't be true;
Laden with bacteria. (No, not you)

But the thing that really did me in;
I learned your full of dust mite excrement.
And those dead skin cells may be mine;
But knowing what's in you, I can't sleep at night.

We've been through both thick and thin.
(Because you're a pillow)
It's hard to say this is the end.
(My favorite pillow)

It's not me, it's definitely you.
(I'll get a new pillow)
You're a body fluid sponge, and we're through.
(I'm getting a new you)