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Rhett & Link My OCD Lyrics

Last updated: 08/18/2014 08:08:05 PM

[Rhett and (Link):]
That picture frame
Those hoodie strings
(They are driving me insane)
Unequal pizza slices
Fonts of different sizes
(It's more than I can take)
Missing parentheses
Uneven capris
Googling "askew"
Bags opened the wrong end
Should be recognized as a sin, along with
An unsolved Rubik's Cube

[Hook: Link]
I gotta make things right
Make it the way it's supposed to be
It's my OCD

[Rhett and (Link):]
Toilet paper facing inwards
Unsynchronized synchronized swimmers
(A closet that's not organized)
Pills removed out of sequence
Sideburns that are not even
That one rebel mini blind


[Rhett and (Link):]
Mr.Neal, how's everything going?
Would you like to take a break?
(Yeah, actually that'd be)
Great. I hope you're hungry, I've prepared some snacks for you. Enjoy

[Hook x2]

[Rhett and (Link):]
All right, we're all done, you're free to go
(Can I come back tomorrow?)

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