Nada Surf Lyrics

Nada Surf is an American band from New York playing
rock-punk-pop music. The three band-members are Daniel
Lorca on bass, Matthew Caws playing the guitar and Ira
Elliot, the drummer.


Nada Surf was formed in 1994. At that time Nada surf
consisted of 4 members. This didn't really work out very
well because the singer quit, and soon thereafter drummer
left Nada surf too. Matthew Caws and Daniel Lorca were now
alone in the band. They desperately needed a drummer. In
1995 Matthew and Daniel convinced Ira Elliott - a More...

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dogs | Reviewer: Dog Lover
    ------ About the song Meow Meow Lullaby performed by Nada Surf

For dog lovers everywhere, here is the ultimate tribute to the canine world. Both entertaining and informative, the video explores everything anyone could possibly want to know about man's best friend. What are they thinking? How did that odd habit originate? And what's the story behind the $18 billion industry driven by America's devotion to these lovable pets?
The documentary examines the origins of many popular breeds, as well as the canine's 10,000-year history as a domesticated animal. Whether viewers fancy the tiniest toy poodle, the most massive St. Bernard, or the good old faithful Beagle, this video is a must-see for fun canine facts, culture, and history...

CONCERNED | Reviewer: haTERGURL101
    ------ About the song Meow Meow Lullaby performed by Nada Surf

THIS IS DISGRACEFUL! Childhood mems = ruined,this is wrong AND DUMB SHAME ON YOU. As i said before CATS ARE DUMB and so is this SONG! The world needs to know that this DUMB song was copied from taylor swifts SONG DUMB MEAN!!

I HATE CATSSSSSS | Reviewer: catlover
    ------ About the song Meow Meow Lullaby performed by Nada Surf


Loved it | Reviewer: Jake
    ------ About the song Meow Meow Lullaby performed by Nada Surf

I love this song! It was on the game cats before, and when I heard it, I almost started to go into a depression. But this song really reminds me of my chilhood

im accord total wt nada | Reviewer: hamilc
    ------ About the song Popular performed by Nada Surf

I had the chance live both situations in both sides and nada is right you must care a little more about your self and just dont live it to what the other can think to define ur caracter cause when ur a teen ur thinking about others and popularity and when a looser comes to popularity notice that crap of being fake is their style cause life means a lot more and believe me i had been in both sides and all is wrong being popular and a good person is correct being a looser is wrong cause must of em suicide wich is worse so lest be popular good humble people that way youll have cuorum to change something in life couse as popular you are as biggest the team you can make

Lawnmowerz R US | Reviewer: KittenKiller8329
    ------ About the song Meow Meow Lullaby performed by Nada Surf

This song is truly a masterpiece. It is the meaning of all things majestic; it warms the heart and purifies the soul. It has awakened my dreams to create a better reality for all life on Earth. May the world be filled with people singing 'meow-meow-meow-meow-meow-meow' one day, to the beating of the drums in all our hearts. My inner guidance drives me well above even the most seemingly unreachable goals, this song has brought me so much inspiration and happiness.

May the god of cats smile down upon you all. Amen. Peace. My dearest blessings to you all...


Get a clue | Reviewer: Jesus Christ
    ------ About the song Popular performed by Nada Surf

This is your lord and savior speaking, and thy has a request to make of all adolescents of the earth. Please, do not follow this as a guide, but as a warning. You shall love thou partner, not as a game. Please, make this earth peaceful again.

remember? | Reviewer: Kat
    ------ About the song Meow Meow Lullaby performed by Nada Surf

i played the game when i was 7, and i loved it! but one day, i was like: "I am just a kitten, hardly fit my mittens, much too small i figure, one day i'll be bigger! one day, i'll be a great big kitty-cat! Use open windows to jump from flat to flat and go meow meow meow meow meow meow!" And so, because i remembered the song, i looked it up ^^ I always thought that i was a cat because hello, my name is Kat lol

This song is bad and you should feel bad. | Reviewer: Victor
    ------ About the song Popular performed by Nada Surf

Probably the worst abomination of a song in recorded history. Whatever the point was the writer tried to make, he f*#(ed this up royally.

The ignorant will take this as re-affirmation of their ways.
The non-conformist will rebuke, and find disgust in people, or worse, convert to this atrocity.
The smart will try and debate it's irony or sarcasm, but for the most part this will be lost to petty bickering.
The dumb will embrace this with failure, and probably fall into depression.

I'm sorry Nada...You should take a 12 gauge to your head and do us all a creative f*#king favor.

Nintendo Catz! | Reviewer: Jay
    ------ About the song Meow Meow Lullaby performed by Nada Surf

When I was little I got Nintendo Catz and I loved it. I just now had a memory of "meow meow meow meow meow meow" and I was like WHAT IS THAT FROM. I looked it up and I kinda sang along to the lyrics as I read because I remembered them and <3
High-five to other Nintendo Catz owners who got here. :D

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