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Namie Amuro (September 20, 1977) is a Japanese pop singer
and Japanese idol originally from Okinawa Prefecture, born
to a Japanese father and an Italian-Japanese mother.
Debuting in 1992 in a girl group named SUPER MONKEYS, she
would struggle to reach the top until the release of "TRY
ME ~Watashi wo Shinijite~" in early 1995 catapulted her
into superstardom. Leaving the group the same year and
joining forces with top producer Tetsuya Komuro, Namie
would go on to become a cultural phenomenon. Now after
performing for well over a More...

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Review about Namie Amuro songs

best world wide muso | Reviewer: queen
    ------ About the song Come performed by Namie Amuro

wow i have fallen in love with this track i wish ms Namie Amuro could come to south africa to spread the beautiful songs and awesomeness of japan......."come to...S.A..will be with you,be with you...."

One of my favorite songs | Reviewer: ruthie - toothy
    ------ About the song I Have Never Seen performed by Namie Amuro

Well all of Namie's song are my favorite..well maybe this will be my #3 my #1 is Four Seasons ^^ ... I have never seen such an awesome singer with a very different voice that can sing sweet,disco,pop, rap, songs FTW!!!! Listening to I HAVE NEVER SEEN feels like i was listening it in the other world...the beat...i was like chanting ....^^...go Namie...!!! Your songs Rock!!!

hi | Reviewer: glory
    ------ About the song My Darling performed by Namie Amuro

Dearest One,
My name is Ms glory,i saw your profile today and became
intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send
email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i
am.Here is my email address ( i believe we can move
from here.I am waiting for your mail to my email address above.Ms glory (Remember
the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life Yours Love
Ms glory

Incomplete. | Reviewer: Nall Rai Rom
    ------ About the song Come performed by Namie Amuro

The Lyrics are not all there and you still don't know what it's saying of course it never did say that these were translation lyrics but the actual song is 4 Mins you only have the part that's in InuYasha. It's still good I'm just saying that they're incomplete that's all. Thank you for your time.

Best song ever | Reviewer: Araylia
    ------ About the song Come performed by Namie Amuro

i am a huge inuyasha fan and am in love with him almost to the point of being crazy i absolutely love this song it is the fuel of my life if you want to hear more songs like this you shold look up colors of the heart by uverworld, alumina and the world by nightmare and anither inuyasha song my will

Absolutely Cool | Reviewer: Hiryu
    ------ About the song Come performed by Namie Amuro

The only conclution i've is : cool-the first time i heard this song was when i was at my friend's home,he played some anime musics-everything was usual as always till''come''played on his cd player,i was shocked,amazed as if i was drowned to another dimension and become somebody else;does anyone ever feel the same way like this?it took quite sometimes for me to find out about this song,cause i'm not inuyasha fan-GUNDAM is the BEST-once i've obtained everything about''come''i decided to use this song as my personal anyone who hasn't listen this song : you're not trully alive till you hear''come''trust me,this is a very cool song.

WOW!! | Reviewer: Alice
    ------ About the song Come performed by Namie Amuro

I've never heard a song with such a good beat. I really love the lyrics, such a good story line! Namie's is amazing and in perfect tune with the song. I love her work and can't wait to hear more! YAAAAAY!!!!

Open-Mindedness... | Reviewer: T. Nenten
    ------ About the song Come performed by Namie Amuro

This song is just plain and simply awesome!!! I can listen to it and just never get tired of it. Even as I'm typing this review, I am listening to it. If I am walking to school, and I play this song, it seems as though time has stopped and I keep on walking but never really get anywhere. It makes me feel as though I am going on an adventure and I will always have a reason to keep going. Trees, big open fields, the ocean, the wind, the sky, everything is just perfect.

Namie Amuro | Reviewer: Aleathia
    ------ About the song Come performed by Namie Amuro

I remember I was sleeping on the couch, and Inyuasha was on, I feel asleep to the whole episode. But when the song "Come" came on I immediately awaken and was put in a trance. I didn't know the lyrics at the time, but I always felt the feeling of love coming her voice. And to this day I still wake up to it when it comes on. It puts me in the mind of my soulmate.

Reminder | Reviewer: Kikyofan
    ------ About the song Come performed by Namie Amuro

The song reminds me about my mother who died over 2 years ago. "Calling out, Can you hear me?" Its like your calling out to heaven to call on the one you love that died. I love the song Come. I love your music Namie Amuro.

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