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Pianist, singer and bandleader Nat "King" Cole may have
made his name as a singer, but his work as a pianist is
most musically significant. Taking the intricacies of Earl
"Fatha" Hines' right-hand lines and coupling them with the
more spare, left-hand ones developed by Count Basie, Cole's
impact on subsequent generations of pianists is

Cole was born in Montgomery, Ala., on March 17, 1917. By
the age of 4, Cole's family had moved to Chicago, where he
started playing organ and singing in his father's church.
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Review about Nat King Cole songs
totally love the song | Reviewer: Judith
    ------ About the song L-O-V-E performed by Nat King Cole

Ah this song though! I first heard it on parents trap (the movie) I remember I played the movie several times at that part slowly just to make up the words correctly. Such a timeless song. Play it 50 years from today it will still be relevant

About the song | Reviewer: J. Jay Brown.
    ------ About the song Our Love Is Here To Stay performed by Nat King Cole

Although this song appears to be a standard love song, it was Gershwin's final composition. Ira wrote the lyrics after the death of George. More than anything it was about a brother's undying love. How could anyone listen to this song without being brought to tears?

Will always love you | Reviewer: Beach Chic
    ------ About the song L-O-V-E performed by Nat King Cole

When I was visiting my boyfriend Mark in AL and he was at work I bought him a Valentines Bear with a light up heart and when you press the heart it sang this song by Nat, my first time hearing it and I'll never forget it, to this day I can remember the time and place I heard it. Mark and I are no longer together but I will always L-o-v-e him in my heart. Mark I hope you think of our good times when you hear this song! Love ya baby! 2001 Tampa,FL

great music | Reviewer: Carol
    ------ About the song Nature Boy performed by Nat King Cole

I am 70 years old and still remember Nat "King" Cole and all his wonderful music at a time when black musicians still were not given enough recognition in this country. I hope those days are past. Whenever I hear "Nature boy", I am simply moved.

Non Dimenticar | Reviewer: Uldarick Godoy
    ------ About the song Non Dimenticar (Don't Forget) performed by Nat King Cole

!Wow! beautiful song, It brings to me great memories.
I was a little boy when I first heard this song in my native Barranquilla, Colombia.
I thank God for giving us the opportunity to live this Era to enjoy all the beauty (Internet) man can do through the wisdom that God gave us.

Wonderfully romantic old standrd | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song That's All performed by Nat King Cole

Each Valentine's Day,I send my BF a song so he knows how much I love him.Last year,it was "When You Wish Upon a Star." This year it's "That's All." As we have gotten older(both 65),we have realized that fancy gifts and candy and flowers just cannot replace the words we want to express.But this song does. I know he will plotz when he gets this along with a special card.

This song always holds so many Memories for me. | Reviewer: Elizabeth Kinnin
    ------ About the song The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot performed by Nat King Cole

My dad always sang this song at Christmas as well as The Christmas
Alphabet my brother and my sister we would all be crying and hope
Santa would not forget about us he never did I still miss my mum and dad.

Great song by a great singer | Reviewer: Benesq
    ------ About the song The Rules of the Road performed by Nat King Cole

This is one of the prettiest songs I have ever heard. I love the lyrics and the melody is just so perfect.

Great song by a great American singer. I used to hear this song at a famous club called Jilly's on 52 Street in Manhattan and the singer was Bobby Cole, at the Piano Bar. He was a great musician and song stylist. Miss him. Roy B.

Memory Lane | Reviewer: Mary
    ------ About the song The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot performed by Nat King Cole

This song just came into my head today. I lost my mother this year and like a lot of people my age I would ask her to sing it to us as Christmas time. Of course we would all be in tears but we still loved to listen to her. I would sing it to my grandsons but I don't think I would make it past the first line without breaking down. I brings back many memories of Christmases past when people had real values. Merry Christmas to everyone reading this. God Bless You All.

Work of genius | Reviewer: Ibe ukoha
    ------ About the song Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer performed by Nat King Cole

The musical composition captures the happy and free atmosphere of summer time. The lyrics paint an awesome and living picture of the theme. And king Nat delivered the song so wonderfully. Work of genius i must say.

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