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At the tender age of twenty-two, the lyrical and musical
talent that Ne-Yo posses are far beyond his years. Born
into a family of musicians from Arkansas, Shaffer C. Smith
a.k.a. Ne-Yo was raised in a single parent home by his
mother. In hopes of a better opportunity, Ne-Yo's mother
relocated the family to Las Vegas Nevada; where Ne-Yo would
discover his passion.

The singer/songwriter, penned on the biggest radio records
of history (189.5 million listeners in one week) Billboards
#1 R&B chart for several weeks, the words on "Let Me More...

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Review about Ne-Yo songs
    ------ About the song Because Of You performed by Ne-Yo

Am a married man ; with so many memories past and present this song i always listen to it in my car and there is this girl i used to love may be even still in love but she belongs to some one else now we still have contact but no chemistry .

Loss of Feeling is good | Reviewer: Mystery
    ------ About the song Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) performed by Ne-Yo

as yall know let me love you performed by neyo has a lot of creds for the dance routines and for every thing this song has the right touch the reason why my title is loss of feeling is good is because i feel like when people hear the song they are wondering about the part that says "heart of numbness comes back to light" that states that even when your heart has no feeling you always get brought to the light so that you might and may have all the good

Feedback | Reviewer: Helen tima
    ------ About the song So Sick performed by Ne-Yo

I really admire the song. Keep it up. Gotta listen to this song every day. Because its true although. So sick of listening to love song like the others. Can't tell who they are because i know it hurt your pride of comparing to other. But thank you Ne-Yo for bringing up this song, even the beautiful monster. Even when i look like a monster i know that i'm beautiful. Love yah! God bless you NE-YO!

Comment | Reviewer: Helen
    ------ About the song So Sick performed by Ne-Yo

I believe that the lyric are right.
But i just want to tell you Ne-yo, that your song inspired me. I've been so crazy of listening to your song and i don't know why. Especially your song beautiful monster. I really admire every single song that you had sing. Take me to heaven NE-yo!

Never sick [ of Neyo :) ] | Reviewer: Morgan aka RaeRae
    ------ About the song So Sick performed by Ne-Yo

Neyo, your music is amazing and your deff aware of your talent! There'd be times where I would be singing your songs for like a week straight and explain to those who asked that Im on a "Neyo-trip" lol :D Youre an inspiration for sure and taught me to do my own thing with music as I grew up on yours! Now in the studio living life how I should :) Thanks always!!<>


Amazing | Reviewer: Jessica
    ------ About the song Never Knew I Needed performed by Ne-Yo

I heard this song on Disney channel when I was watching the movie the princess and the frog with my little soon as I heard it I fell in love with it and now I'm singing it for my school talent show :) I LOVE U NE-YO <3

So sick | Reviewer: Kgm
    ------ About the song So Sick performed by Ne-Yo

Neyos music is the shit love that nigga ! Ive been feeling sick of love songs but everytime I hear one kgf comes to mind fuck I miss her and I love her with all my heart always and forever kari happy birthday by the way

I love this song | Reviewer: Amos
    ------ About the song Go On Girl performed by Ne-Yo

Really luv this song coz i felt in luv wth sme1 who doesnt belong 2 m,listen 2 è song evry night in bed and tears jus flowing thinkng abt evrythn' we did but this song gives m strength thanks 2 u ne-yo lv ya!

REVIEW | Reviewer: sophie lane
    ------ About the song Never Knew I Needed performed by Ne-Yo

I love Never knew i needed by Neyo and when i watched the princess and the frog i heard it at the end and i already knew it and loved it so i started singing it really loud and every single person in there was watching me and i was like gotta staring problem or something! x :P

Wanna duet | Reviewer: This is me
    ------ About the song So Sick performed by Ne-Yo

Ne_yo ,, you know that i love this song so much . . . . . Your voice is freakin good . . . .Its Ridiculous . . . . I have a good voice too . . . . I hope i can meet you whenever and wherever it i don't care . . . BuT aBsolutely i wanna duet with you . . . . . Love u . . . Love u . . . .

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