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Onika Maraj (Born December 8, 1984) known as Nicki Minaj is a female rapper from Southside Jamaica, Queens, NewYork. She grew up in a troubled home, with a father on drugs and a struggling single mother. Despite her hectic environment, Minaj went on to graduate from LaGuardia High School in Manhattan where she studied singing and acting.

Working as an administrative assistant, she dedicated all of her free time to pursuing a potential music career. Nicki Minaj started off singing, from background vocals, to hooks for local rappers. Minaj wanted to “stand out” more, from the average dime-a-dozen young aspiring singer and began writing raps. Starting out as the lone female in a group, (which she left in 2006)

Nicki soon branched out and was noticed on Myspace by Dirty Money CEO Fendi. Who signed her and put her on the front of his Dirty Money Label, and his The Come Up DVD.

Appearing on The Carter Edition of the DVD series, Minaj was noticed by rapper Lil’ Wayne who immediately called Fendi to negotiate meeting Nicki. He was convinced by not only her different style of rapping, but her ability to full on write her own material that she was perfect to be the face of his Young Money label. The two collaborated on mixtape styled remakes of tracks such as “Sunshine”, “Big Spender” and more recently a song entitled “Higher than a Kite” which uses T.I.’s “My Swag” beat. In April of 2007, she released her first mixtape entitled Playtime is Over. Where she posed as a Barbie doll on the cover. Lil’ Wayne appeared on the track “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”.

Nearly a year later, Minaj released her second mixed cd titled Sucka Free. Controversy surrounded this as Nicki paid tribute to rapper Lil’ Kim by posing with her legs spread for promotional posters. She describes it as something to “pull people in”, so that they would listen to what she had to say. Nicki Minaj graced the pages of the July issue of the XXL magazine giving a brief overview of her life up to that point in time.

Originally using her real last name Maraj, Nicki boasts she started calling herself Minaj because she started “eating chicks”, with her vicious rap skills. Its pronounced as Menage, only spelled to compliment her real last name with a J instead of the traditional spelling.

Aside from her original moniker, Minaj also uses an array of Aka aliases to describe herself, such as; “Nicki Lewenski”, and “AKA Sit on your favorite rapper’s face”

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nicki minja mi admier | Reviewer: mathapelo masupha | 11/5/14

I luv nicki even mi profile photo is alwayz u people ask do u like puting nicki's photo she is the preson who admier evn I had open music and photo book abour u luv I hope one day u will come at south africa

nicki u da best I adore u | Reviewer: lucia | 10/3/14

Hey nicki I just wanna tell u dat I love u,u da best female rapper I dnt care what people say about u,I adore u n I wnt stop loving you n ur music until I die,love u n I so wish u can come to South Africa n I wish I could get a chance to spend a little time wth u OMG

Kip it high.... Nicki | Reviewer: ssembwere Moses | 8/27/14

Minaj iz really a rapper da world haz bn waitin' for,
kip it hot gal coz u rock en haterz find safe hiding places coz
she's goin to punch u with zic en u kol it thunder.

Wooow lewenski u got fans | Reviewer: Youngfix barbie | 8/12/14

Nicki i cant express how i feel abt u.i wish to see ya one day honey cos u r d best of all rappers. I use to rmmber what u said in beez dear"bitches ain't shit and ain't say nothin,a hundred motherf**kers cant tel me nothin. Love u harajuku barbie

dear nicki | Reviewer: christele | 8/10/14

I really love ur music,thank u for ur music especial pill n potion every things u do plz enjoy it for the rest of ur life i really understnd wat u went throug ur year i love plz don't forget that love christele

i want to be a rapper just like you nicki | Reviewer: Donaziah | 8/9/14

My name should be swagger d my first song called wild run
I'm in the house I'm swagger d tuning around the house like
No wins whacting me. My mama in the kithing on the stove
Cooking me something to go I got to go holler back you want
To play come and smack you want to holler come bring it

Hi Nicki Minaj | Reviewer: Mohammed.S | 8/8/14

Hi the is Mohammed form india i love ur songs and your voice is so butyfull, and ur video clips background your selecting is so nice
ur costiums or nice and ur smile is so buttyfull and dimpel on chickes,
I Love your songs and your voice 4ever Thanks Nicki Minaj (Onika Maraj)
sing well and make buttyfull albems I will be Loving youuuuuuuuu 4ever

Dear nicki | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/14

i love u some say ur fake up honestly dnt give a f**k wat any of them wanna say i love u wen i grow up wnna be jus like u lik seriusly.....i always say wen i got to new york i wanna do a plastic segery n i want them to make me luk jus lik u lik seriously jus want the body up lik seriouly ur my dream frend lollllll mwuhaaaa love u n will always lata got to get bk to wrok

your da best | Reviewer: cece jackson | 7/27/14

U are my idol..I lve u so much..i lve all ur muzicc.i alwayz wanted to meet u but u know how it is.My favorite songz is high skool and beez in da trap.i love da way u rap and sing and I alwayz want to be like u Nicki.u are my 1 and oonnllyy idol and u will always be and u are the beat female rapper and singer bedder den anyone I promise u day I LOVE U NICKI AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE U GGGIIIRRRLLL!!!!!!!!

i luv u Onika by faida tu | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/14

the hit that caugt me in your trap of music is star ship!This pillar of yours is an unbelievable 12 years girl who is in luv with ur music no matter what people say.KISSES NICKI'1 LUV.

nicki don | Reviewer: hammed | 7/13/14

I couldn't xpress how much m n luv wit u u,coz u r d best of al female rapper..I even watch BET award yestynte,al dy say s nicki..I knw 1 day I wil reach NEW YORK nd see u physically.lov u lady..maraj nicki.

ma insipiration | Reviewer: Snothile Sibiya | 7/10/14

Nicki minaj I always dreaming 2 met u 1 of those days bt ma frnds think an crazy f cy so.I wsh 2 b lyk u 1 dy u ar a huge inspiration n ma lyf mo any rapper hs.u music provide ma soul wt joy..I truly wsh 2 mt u jst 2 c.may god bless u&neva lt ur career fade.lot of lv (cnoty)

Dear my onika maraj | Reviewer: Kea linaj | 7/11/14

Hei nicki its kea i love u love u love bby an i knw u do too coz u always tell me in my dreamz u ar my star bby ooh nigga #u keep on doing ur ting like no body's watching# i wil always love u dear nicki plz call me

hi nicki u rock gal | Reviewer: amanda | 7/10/14

hi nicki i am 12 years old i really don't know what 2 say but because it u my nigga i am gonna say something . Nicki one day i wish to be like and i always say one day i am gonna meet u but same people say i crazy and guess what i say to them ? I am crazy nicki and fuck you . Nicki i get want now is your number so maybe i talk with u nigga .nicki plz come to south africa plz nigga . I am sure many people will love to come . Many pleople like u nicki we are your fans your niggas you hot chocolate your gals or boys if u read this i am sure u will like it . Love u my love ,my friend ,my honey ,my everythihg gal .

dont stop on what u doing | Reviewer: shumani khomola | 7/9/14

nicki i just wanna tell u dont stop what u r doing i didnt have an favourite artist until u came in
two thousand and nine and what i love about u u r confidence on what you doing i also love your style your shoes they the best i wish i can meet u one day but u know what they say one day is one day luv your music if some one is tryn to be you it will take some tym for dem the best song i love of yours is pills n potions and vava voom i love your voice if u sing on your songs the rap is so fast but what i know to rap is high school and beez in a trap

god bless u n your family

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