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Nothing More Biography

Last updated: 07/12/2013 04:55:09 AM

“I’ve never seen that before...” this is the phrase echoing from the mouths of new fans across the country following Nothing More’s first national tour in the spring of 2013.

Nothing More doesn’t take the stage, they storm it. Alternating between enormous rock anthems full of technical precision and four man percussion assaults, there is nothing pedestrian about this band. Welded from discarded truck and motorcycle parts, lead singer Jonny Hawkins’ percussion platform serves as a de-facto drum kit for Hawkins to accentuate and expertly pound rhythms in tandem with drummer Paul OBrien. From the gut-wrenching, yet sonically distinct riffs of guitarist, Mark Vollelunga, to the thundering and melodic bass of Daniel Oliver or Hawkins’ commanding presence and charismatic delivery of sing-along lyrics that are impossible to ignore; Nothing More is a fierce, snarling juggernaut that holds anyone within earshot or eyeshot hostage until the very last note.

“Before we had even started touring we knew that we wanted to do more than just play our songs. We want to create a show that no one has ever seen and we want to really connect with people in a unique way.” – Jonny Hawkins

Nothing More’s new, self-titled album (June 11, 2013) is just the thing to match the intensity and depth of the live show. The seventeen songs are artistically landscaped and woven together with vast, dynamic musicality. Brutally honest in its lyrics and poignant in its delivery, Nothing More are as equally at home graphically depicting scenes of infidelity in “Sex and Lies” as they are in tackling society’s most controversial issues in songs like “Christ Copyright”.

“To think you know who goes to heaven - Is just one big misconception - Like God hates fags and communism - Create fear to feed the system” – Christ Copyright

As the listener churns through the tracks, rather than being transported with idealistic escapism, they are transformed by experiencing reality through the eyes of Nothing More. Even when confronting the darkest of subjects as they do on “Ballast”, Nothing More never fails to remind us of the light within that can never be extinguished.

“This is the time that we let it go - These are the words that will take us home - Singing the song that’s inside us all - If we don’t open our eyes, we’re walking blind” --Ballast

From their humble beginnings in Texas, Nothing More answered the call to serve in the militia of independent touring artists. Knowing that it would take creativity, brains and balls to make their own destiny in this world, they armed themselves with the relentless intensity of their live show and with lyrics that connect on the deepest level. They have mastered the DIY philosophy in every imaginable way, even converting their van to run on recycled veggie oil. Now, with two full length releases and more than 500 shows under their belts, and new fans being won every day, one thing that’s certain for Nothing More is that Do It Yourself doesn’t mean doing it alone.