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Game Over Nuke'Em High Lyrics

Last updated: 08/19/2014 01:31:30 PM

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There's no radiation around here
You're too far from the powerplant
At least a quarter of a mile

Something's strange in the city
Something's strange in the school
The nuclear powerplant is spittin on our doom
Water's contaminated, toxic waste in the air
But radioactive weed could be be a good affair

It will take
Your fate
Don't smoke it
Too late

(Verse 2)
The abortion of a nation, also aborts its own kinds
The school is dominated by the evil breeds
Sold us nuclear amusement, they call it Atomic High
It burns as hell as it explode inside my mind

Green barf out
My mouth
The creature
Is out

Stand and fight!
We are the class of the Nuke 'em High
Stand and fight!
We are the class of the Nuke 'em High

(Instrumental break)

(Verse 3)
Terror and destruction side by side out in the streets
While the seed of fool kidnaps our destiny
There's no way to stop the beast, that spreading blood and gore
It's hungry for some bleeding and it's crying for some more

It doesn't
There is no

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