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The band's bio by Ira Glass, producer and host of the
public radio show This American Life:

A couple years ago, OK Go performed at some live shows This
American Life was doing onstage in several cities. I and
the other writers on the program would do our thing, tell
our little stories, and in between our bits, the lads would
come out and sing their loud, catchy songs. It was like
traveling with living catnip. We had huge crowds and people
of every age—high school sophomores to senior citizens—just More...

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Review about OK Go songs
Great videos, butttttttttttt................ | Reviewer: P. Olive
    ------ About the song This Too Shall Pass performed by OK Go

As a guy who grew up with all the greatest rock bands from the 60s & 70s, Ok Go is a rare, pleasure of a band of this current generation of pre wrapped pop /techno bable. They're very "Squeeze-esk", or "Beatles-esk". I will admit that I only studied the lyrics of 1 song, "This To Shall Pass". My only gripe is that the lyrics are very weak. There are really only 2 verses which say anything of any real content. I'd like to give them the benifit of the doubt since the creative content of their videos far out measures the content of the lyrics. Maybe the other songs' lyrics have a bit more depth. I'll get back to you.

Fan-F%#king-tastic | Reviewer: josephmx
    ------ About the song Get Over It performed by OK Go

I found this song when some girl was doing a striptease to it on her webcam. She had all the right moves for the song, made the song "stand" out...
I tried downloading the ringtone it three times, the service associated with this website kept sending me the wrong songe.

Needing and hoping on getting | Reviewer: need her
    ------ About the song Needing / Getting performed by OK Go

This song is great in every way and going to learn it and try it acousticly cause when i sing along with the song my eyes kindve water and kindve tear up every time i listen to it
this is first song that makes me tear up and i love every lyric this song really speaks to me way i am right now
15 and this song is going to be one those songs i will always know
favorite version is car i dont care for regular one

Still Needing - NEVER Getting | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Needing / Getting performed by OK Go

I just heard the song for the first time today, it was just as true 36 years ago before I got married it would hsve been just as true as it is today! But this is a song I believe will be somewhat timeless and be done over and over without becoming meaningless for the time. I am now 58 and still enjoy current music as much as I did before "Woodstock" was held. I was 14 then and missed out going as I did the "Monterey Pop Festival" the year before. And you thought "Woodstock" was the first.,

wierd | Reviewer: Josie
    ------ About the song You're So Damn Hot performed by OK Go

This song weirdly refers to this one guy that is totally hot but he can be a total dick and sleaze. He also gets ISS a lot, and i used to like him but not anymore. because your a bad- hearted girl-trap baby doll, but your so damn hot :P

Music Video of Here it goes Again on Treadmills by OK GO = Ultimate Youtube Music Video | Reviewer: Matt
    ------ About the song Here It Goes Again performed by OK Go

Go to this link to see the band doing their music video of this song. It is f***ing awesome. The sickest tricks done on treadmills are done by the band members themselves in the video. You will see flips, standing on the treadmill handlebars and more. I swear this stuff is so f***ing amazing, you will wonder how the hell they did all of it. Anyway here's the link:

I LOVE this song! | Reviewer: Lily P.
    ------ About the song This Too Shall Pass performed by OK Go

I love the point to this song! Just live and let live people! Just, let it go, this to shall pass. Problems that seem bad now, eventually fade away, so don't do anything you'll regret. Just, let it go. Thats my new freaking MOTTO! Love It!

Shooting the moon | Reviewer: unknownpersonality
    ------ About the song Shooting The Moon performed by OK Go

I like this song. It tells its own story. I don't associate it with New Moon, even through this song is on the soundtrack. (The soundtrack was how I found out about this band.)

What does it mean by "shooting the moon?"

Awesomeness | Reviewer: Dalene
    ------ About the song Oh Lately It's So Quiet performed by OK Go

Oh my nolly-burger! This is the most awesome song in the whole wide world! I listen to it like a gazillion times a day! I only have one question about the 17th line: "Aw. Whose clenching fists"... when I first heard the line without reading the lyrics it sounded like something COMPLETELY different... anyone else have the same... er problem?

klonopin | Reviewer: greg
    ------ About the song A Million Ways performed by OK Go

as for the klonopin, it could be the male or female in the song taking klonopin.. as a pharmacist, klonopin does relieve symptoms of anxiety, but it works synergistically with alcohol as they are both depressants.

this means you basically feel a better drunk off less beers and less money. people who know what they are doing with meds can enjoy a good buzz at a bar, but people that dont know what theyre doing end up at the hospital with a stomach pump or worse

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