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FORMED: 1978, Liverpool, England

Liverpool's music scene in the late 1970's was an exciting
and dynamic place to be. Everyone was either in a band,
in-between bands or were forming a band. In the midst of
all this activity was Eric's Club - a small discreet venue
that was a favoured haunt for the people who would later
form bands such as The Teardrop Explodes, Echo & The
Bunnymen and Frankie Goes To Hollywood. So it was quite apt
that Eric's was the venue of choice for the debut
performance of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark in More...

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Review about OMD songs
Twinkling of a Eye The Speed of Light | Reviewer: Peter Jones
    ------ About the song SPEED OF LIGHT performed by OMD

I like this song from there SugarTax Album of 1991 its happy tune they all look happy in the video any way, it makes me full of the joys in jesus name.So this how I feel about the song.

ooh la la blaine baby | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song If You Leave performed by OMD

this song reminds me of andrew.. er, blaine in the movie. wow he was so gorgeous. last time i saw him on the view he had aged very very well. i think he was the pretty one! wow a beautiful man.

On Daytona Beach | Reviewer: Rick
    ------ About the song If You Leave performed by OMD

I listened to this song at least five times a day for three days while laying next to the lady who went her way shortly after that failed short attempt to get back together. At least
we both got a good tan!

Been at least 21 years or more ...

Brings back the hurt - like a knife in the gut for a few seconds everytime i hear it.

We both have awesome families now .... but what could have been
pops back into my head everytime I hear it.

Sophistry on a platter. | Reviewer: Mitchell Day
    ------ About the song Enola Gay performed by OMD

You're talent for double-talk and cliche is remarkable. Truth whether you like it or not is discernable. We DO know who started WWII. We know that there was NO provocation directed against Japan by the Chinese, Koreans, Philippinos or the Americans. If Japan wanted access to natural resources all they had to do was engage in trade like they have been doing since the end of the war to their great benefit! The only reason you say that "the winners write the history" is because you haven't read enough of it to know what an idiotic statement that is! You can make the argument you do because you evade the DETAILS! If we had let the Japanese call an end to the war on their terms they would still be in Korea, China, the Philippines, Singapore and Burma. And how many MORE innocent people would have died as a result of their racist imperialism? You mention that a nation will start a war from a lack of compassion. But you don't give an example of that regarding Japan. Is your idea of compassion handing over all of Asia to them? Yes there is much lying in war and for various reasons. But if the Allies war aims were a lie then please make the case. Give me proof or at least evidence. Don't just make a statement with no back-up. By the way, Spoon, using your own "logic" how do we know YOUR not lying? That this whole prose-feast for lotus eaters is not just an attempt at moral equivalence by a crypto-fascist who in his heart really supports Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito?
In conclusion, yes, war and the use of weapons of mass destruction are baaaaad. But so is mendacious numb-skullery served up as Pacem in Terris!

War and the use of wepons of mas distruction is bad. | Reviewer: Spoon
    ------ About the song Enola Gay performed by OMD

War is the outcome of extreme politics. There is no way of ever knowing who 'started' it and how 'justified' it was not unless you are the politician who ordered the first attack, and in that case you would feel justified because you had been provoked into it and there is no anther way of dealing with the situation.

No one can know the 'truth' partly because it is all politics anyway and partly because the victors are the ones who get to write (and right) the history but mostly because there is no truth in war, there is lies and propaganda and death and winners and losers but there is very little truth to be told.

Yes as the winners of WWII how could we face our self's dropping two 'weapons of mass destruction' to end the war and save countless lives if we could not convince our self's this is was what had to happen. And I'm not saying it was not what had to happen. I don't know what would have happened in the alternative universe where the bombs where not dropped or they where dropped somewhere else by someone else. I like to think things would have been worse for humanity if it had not happened but I don't know, however of course, like most people I like to think that the right thing eventually happens. Perhaps if we had let the Japanese call and end to the war on their terms there would have been no more wars in Asia last century and we would not be facing a crazy North Korean who wants to rule the world.

The thing about war is that is seems sometimes to be a necessary evil given the barbarism and greed the human race is still pron to.

If war is something you would like to see ended then practice piece, respect and compassion. When a group of people get so angry they feel they need to destroy the rest of the world perhaps it is because they have not been treated compassionately. One insane leader alone cannot start a war, there is something systemically very wrong in the community that supports it to the extent of them being willing to risk all for the hope of winning a war.

Unfortunately it seems that the people in power think they need to blow things up to prove their power. Imagine if all the armies of the world where turned into soldier of peace to bring aid and help instead of death and torment.

Outwardly sad, but Inwardly uplifting | Reviewer: David A Becker WHS '84
    ------ About the song The Dead Girls performed by OMD

The song is slow, rythmic, acousticly electronic, poetic, dramatic, simple yet higher-minded, unique, has a catchy melody, and looks sad, but is uplifting. My opinion of the meaning is below.
The girls spirits are very happy and he is amazed. The girls spirits haven't crossed over into the light yet. The girl's spirits are in their own world now, need your thoughts and prayers as they are transitioning to the light now. He is wishing he was dead so he could join them, but is glad to be alive even in the worst of circumstances. The girl's spirits say they are happy and feel lucky as they are transitioning into the Light. The girl's spirits wish he was with them as they are moving into the light now. The girl's spirits know he won't be coming along, and the girls spirits are still happy and feel blessed.

I remember this song when I was little. | Reviewer: Alyssa
    ------ About the song If You Leave performed by OMD

I remember this song when I was little. I was three years old. I remember it on the way back when. That was in 1986. When I've heard it on the radio. The song was played on VH1 and MTV.

great 80's new wave song | Reviewer: christian
    ------ About the song If You Leave performed by OMD

Where I reside in california there is a station that plays only 80's and stuff from the new millenium its like 1990-99 escaped which I find good new wave,synthe pop is what I like the most that why 80's soundtracks are so great its like one the berlin wall came down the pop music died being created in the 80's myself a product of 1982 makes me happy it wasn't 92' the music of 1992 wasn't ecclectic or dorky hair in the 80s was better hairstyles in the new dacade were all about grunge bland the early 80e band took the time to craft individual hairstyles you take george michael against curt cobain ,curt cobain would look emotionally unstable why he killed himself no one will know why god rest his soul,the music and self expression of the 80's and individuality topped 1992 where dirty long hair and plaid was the rage fif I could see my birth I would take 1982 london over 1992 seattle any which day so what if 80's new wave members were the early metrosexuals ,it boils down to personal choice living a flamboyant life with odd hair styles and color really colorful fashion beats plaid and dirty smelly long hair,band members of the new wave era cared about appearances grunge and post millenium musical artist went stale

From somebody "old" . . . | Reviewer: Steve
    ------ About the song If You Leave performed by OMD

. . . who was "there" in the '80s: This is one of the few from that time that sticks with you. I don't even much care for '80s stuff, at least not in the " '80s style" (synthesizers, ambiguous gender, usually not-from-USA), but I really like "If You Leave", even though it is one of THE prime examples of "all of the above". To all of the younger people who think the '80s were great: Keep looking farther-back in music. The '80s were, in fact, the last decade in music that represented a "new style" (there was very good stuff in the *early* '90s, but it all went back to *much* older stuff, around '70 --- "grunge" came from Neil Young, who was and is one of the great *'60s* rockers), but you'll find *much* better stuff if you go back before 1975. I speak with more than a little authority on this subject, age-wise --- I graduated high-school in 1981 (you do the math on how old I am *chuckle!*), so I saw and heard " a lot" of the latter half of the 20th Century. The stuff that I like is all "before my time", so I'm with you, there ("damnit, it all happened before I was even here!" LOL!(, but I can also be objective --- I hated both disco and punk-rock, which were in "my time", but dearly *love* anything before 1971 . . . oh, and a few select "later" things, like OMD's "If You Leave" :-) ."If You Leave" is over-the-top "romantic" --- if you like it :-), I'd suggest early-'60s "girl-group" stuff (Phil Spector, et al), and from the late '70s to '90s, anything written by Jim Steinman (the guy who wrote the *good* albums for Meat Loaf). "I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten", from the former era, and, of course, "Total Eclipse of the Heart", from Steinman (best-known recording being Bonnie Tyler's).

Nostalgia | Reviewer: :-xxx
    ------ About the song If You Leave performed by OMD

It was 3 years ago this week, when by sheer chance, and the help of my nutty cousin,, I met the most breathtaking woman. It only lasted months, the miles between us wasn't kind and I wasn't in the best of situations. Now, I have things sorted out, and I'm better than ever, but she's married to someone else and I still hopelessly hold a torch for her. Three years, and not a day goes by that I don't think of her and miss her terribly. This song is our anthem. To the one in Azle.... :-xxx

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