Oak Ridge Boys Lyrics

Theirs is one of the most distinctive and recognizable
sounds in the music industry. The four-part harmonies and
upbeat songs of The Oak Ridge Boys have spawned dozens of
country hits and a #1 pop smash, earned them Grammy, Dove,
CMA and ACM awards and garnered a host of other industry
and fan accolades.

Every time they step before an audience, the Oaks bring 15
years of hits and 50 years of tradition to bear on a stage
show widely acknowledged as among the most exciting
anywhere. And, each remains as enthusiastic about the
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Review about Oak Ridge Boys songs
Did I Make A Difference | Reviewer: Kathy Griffin, N.C.
    ------ About the song Did I Make A Difference performed by Oak Ridge Boys

I loved the words and the voices of the Oak Ridge Boys, singing the song "Did I Make A Difference",out loud. I have always loved this great band;even as a child. I am not however,the average band chasing fan. I have only been to probably, five concerts in my life and neither concert was the famous,"Oak Ridge Boys". I am, however, the average 42 year old wife and Artist(painter), mother of two church going children;ages 12 and 18. When I heard this song this morning on the TV, and had to look up the word and was really was pleased to find the lyrics so easily; because I'm not good at the computer. So I wish to say,Thank you Oak Ridge Boys for this wonderful song;that I have full intension of sharing with my church and thank you too SING365.com, for this great website that made my quest to find these lyrics so much easier...Thank you!

Lyrics miss a bit, but... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Guess It Never Hurts to Hurt Sometimes performed by Oak Ridge Boys

It's a great song when the tequila brings back loves long lost to selfish moments.
'Cause she's always in my heart,
and tonight she's on my mind.
And I know she's gone for good,
So here I sit and cry.

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Jim Julian
    ------ About the song Make My Life With You performed by Oak Ridge Boys

I heard this song in December of 1984 and as it was playing I asked my bestfriend to marry me. Here it is almost 23 years later and we are still very much in love and the song still brings back a flood of memories. One of the greatest songs ever sang by the Oaks. God Bless

Elizabeth | Reviewer: April Vandusen
    ------ About the song All Of The Songs performed by Oak Ridge Boys

I have recently had new granddaughter who is so beautiful and her name is Elizabeth.
I have been looking for the song by The Oak Ridge Boys called: Elizabeth that they sang back in the 1980's. Could you please find that for me?
Thank You,
April Vandusen

Who wrote this great sailing song? | Reviewer: HB Beverly
    ------ About the song Sail Away performed by Oak Ridge Boys

This is a great sailing song for those of you out there that like, or perform Jimmy Buffett songs. I'd like to hear Jimmy cover this, as it's right up his alley. The Oak Ridge Boys were obviously searching for something that would help them break out of the same old quartet type songs they'd been doing when they picked this one out. The imagery is definitely not country, and more suited for the then-known Pop artists.

Being a Parrothead act myself, I don't have any ORB albums or CDs, so does anybody out there know who wrote this beautiful song? It's going on my list of songs to play out on gigs today.

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