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Oddly enough, failure is the binding fabric that held the
members of recently formed Oh, Sleeper together and kept
them from slowly embedding themselves further in defeat.
"Everyone in this project refused to continue on with our
lives until weve made the difference that we are supposed
to make in music." says drummer Ryan Conley. Scattered in
different corners of the country, something bigger brought
these guys together in April of 2006. With the majority of
the members coming from short-lived rock outfit Terminal
(Tooth & Nail More...

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got the lyrics wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Family Ruin performed by Oh, Sleeper

its "the words he SITED" not "all the words he SAID" "what you CALL so ironic" not "what's to come"
"the steel marries HIS skin" "not the steel marries THE skin" "you LOST control" not "you LOOSE"
and the part you got the most wrong is "I KEEP FEEDING YOU THE FRUIT THAT YOU NEED BUT YOU SPIT IT OUT TO FURTHER YOUR DOUBT" not "I'll keep feeding you the proof that you need.
But you spread it out to burn all your doubt."

where did you get the lyrics from ~_^ you suck

My thoughts | Reviewer: matthewodonnellmarino@gmail.com
    ------ About the song Reveries of Flight performed by Oh, Sleeper

A dialogue between God and one seeking him.
Seems like the person seeking is dealing with self-pity, when all God wants is for him to make forward motion and just let go of the cares of this world. The one seeking feels God is nowhere to be found but God is fighting to be in this persons life.

Yea | Reviewer: Gzus
    ------ About the song Building The Nations performed by Oh, Sleeper

I am a marine and fins this band along with avenged sevenfold and 5FDP to have the most inspirational and meaningful lyrics of any bands I have heard, if only I could start a radio station to let everyone listen to songs like these and bands that deserve attention.

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