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Troy Ave One Love Lyrics

Last updated: 08/19/2014 02:31:30 PM

Hey yo, fine with my brother on
Sam what up, round it all, and do my team
He Los Angeles Leakers
07A6, it was at 345 street
Now they shitting on all brokers
You heard 'em singing, alright, alright
The LA Leakers baby get on the team
It's been so smooth, it's been smooth
It get you in the move
Was about five in the morning
Leakers , let's get it
I guarantee that they will let you and your much early
About ten in the morning, phone ringing
It's my nigga that's calling, already know by the State number
Same, same correction is way stumble
My brother from another, has been lock for two summer
When he was on Kevin direct was on the recker
Now our days we the ones ball, was getting damn to make the world fo sparking
Bounce, twenty eight grams in the house
A hundred and eight, now let's count
That's street birds moving with three words, what you want?
Niggas you know me and I tell you it's no stug
Back to the call they was on my niggas
'I'm up just got up my nigga
Matter of fact I just hold the pictures in my mail
With a fifty dollars receive that shit's fake as I can tell
Well you say love and I hate blowing up out there
Nigags better behave or I send 'em out of here
Serious, no play for me
Is on the way and nigga I'll be like yo we good
Nigga we strap every day
But this chuck niggas gotta go get heir shit
We laugh inside joke by buddy how's real
He say how mama look, and we set it down
'then go to school out of town
Full scholar ship I gave her a '
But she own it in few months and I 'some shit
I say good I can see his smile all over his face
He like yo I'm looking good on the '
I'm like hurry up nigga get your ass back home
Calling me with a another nigga name on the phone
Still an extortion bully nigga 'and you already know it's nothing for him
Murder was a case from out of town 'those guys beat it
I can't prove without a heat
I'm doing the big for some that he had to
Hey yo I guess city is like five and '
Five am in the morning man
How motherfucker they do this all, automatic, you know what I'm saying
Tell niggas I'll get it done
Came back from the club, busing and ..
Ya taking money and free my nigga change champ