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The Brobecks One Minute Of Fun Lyrics

Last updated: 02/26/2014 06:59:48 PM

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Welcome to the Nuclear Sunshine Research family.
Our facilities stand on 18 acres of lush, artificial grass and plant life.
We pride ourselves on our respect for our surroundings and have several environmental awareness classes available
(should you feel the need to pitch in)

As you walk through our campus you'll see several smoke stacks.
Don't worry, those gasses won't hurt you (we don't think!)
Our waste management [?] is located near the East Wing.
It's filtering system allows yesterdays waste to become today's drinking water.
Drink up Timmy!

If you've ever wondered what's radiation do, the only way we can answer this, of course, is letting you breathe in the toxic [?] we call energy.
We think you'll find it refreshing, and you'll learn to make nuclear discharge a part of your every day life.

The future is now.

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