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Mysonne One More Chance Lyrics

Last updated: 05/16/2013 07:52:08 PM

As I spit to this hip hop classic by biggy
I dare y'all ever forgive my city
We gave you hustle, gave you Jiggy
Gave you Jay Nars, gave you diddy
We gave you witty, metaphors and punch lines
MVP's and buzzing beaters at crunch line
One time for my big homie Bust Rhymes
So much time but still got so much shine
It's a must I represent for NY,
We still here, keep it real, pretend why
NY forever stars exist, that's right
Who you know spit better bars than Kiss?
My bull styles be barge, I ain't get yet
The god of heart, shout outs to dipset
Can't forget flex, gotta pay homage
You heard him bombing if you ain't amish
This is play knowledge, can't forget the case late
Drummer boy been killing shit since '88
Still giving em hell, driving them crazy
Originator, straight stuntin, baby, baby
Army navy general they rank me
Bitches love me criminal they thank me
Fake ass they hate me, real niggas they know that
Realest retro so I'm a throw back
Pull back, pull back nigga from the ghetto
Rap cat that fuck with heavy mental
Violent but valet on, every level
Chalegard, valeting every devil
Every bezel that shinin ain't diamonds
Every nigga that's rhyming ain't shining
Every line in they silver they lying
The shit ain't about all skills, it's more timing
It's all grinding, faling down and climbing
Putting in work till niggas co signing
Respect goes out to French and asap
Yeah I love hip hop but hate rap, take that.

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