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The history of Nigerian music industry will not be
completed without the chapter of the group p-square. If
achievements are one of the yard sticks to measure the
success of artistes, P-square will remain number one on the
chart of all research groups. They have defied the odds,
weathered the storm and re-written the history of the
Nigerian music industry; they have also proven that there
are always differences between artistes and musicians.
Arguable, p-square remain the most popular Nigerian artiste
all around the globe. It is generally concluded that this
set of twins PAUL & More...

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Review about P-Square songs
beautiful onyinye | Reviewer: lebohang
    ------ About the song Beautiful Onyinye performed by P-Square

I realy luv ths song wth ol my heart it brings back the gud memories I had with him hw he use to sing it fo me bt I neva took notic bt nw tht I knw and andastand it it breaks my heart tht iv realised he luved me so much bt its too late bcos he's nw gone

Beautiful Onyinye | Reviewer: GrandMaster Guns
    ------ About the song Beautiful Onyinye performed by P-Square

The rhythm and the melodies of this song are classic- that piece of spice by Rick is "mamba-venom" poison. I can't end a weekend without this one in my playlist. Holla P-Square Rozay

I'm officially ya fan homie

Alingo | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Alingo performed by P-Square

That is the best song ever . I love you P-Square you are the best singer ever. I want to be you , or your daughter if you have one, or I want to be your wife and marry you and have sex with you every day.

Good work | Reviewer: Pascal
    ------ About the song Alingo performed by P-Square

Let them say wat dey want 2 say there is no body in dis life dat he/she has is arckited of its own portion no body in dis life has no problem but am want u 2 knoW SOmetin No condition is permanent, u ar bless u ar going 2 improve more dan dis,I 4 UR MOTHER MAY HER REST IN PEACE (AMEN). P-square has u c me now am a hip pop artise and like 2 change a music wonderful i av already change ur alingo to azonto and ur personally to naturally bt i haven't voice of beat but i have written down d lyrics.so brother peter and paul i wis 2 c u 1 day i and you will meet 2getther.YOu are bless keep it up.

rapheal lotanna nduba | Reviewer: rapheal
    ------ About the song Personally performed by P-Square

i like u guys carry go no shaking after danger,we enter alingo so we met bueatfull onyinye she chop my money so we troweys money 2 c bizzy body as she do me so i tell her dat we go it personally at d end tenk u guys

real illuminati member | Reviewer: evelyn
    ------ About the song Alingo performed by P-Square

forget about kilin their mom or not.dey really tried in dier song called azonto,but dey've added some worldly stuffs 2 it.my point of view is dat d word 'she' in d song means lucifer i.e satan.p.square u ar a scallywag.in thier song,they said 'see d way she is movin her wing,pls did girls hav wings,no2,p.square said dat,'lift ur hands up in d sky.pls can a human being lift his or her hands up 2 d sky,if not devil.so ther4 i beseech u guys(p.square)to pls remov urself frm dis illuminati...,because hell is real.

The stupidity of african haters | Reviewer: Alie forna
    ------ About the song Alingo performed by P-Square

I dont know how people could b so dumb as to think that p square killed their mom they have already achieved greatness before her death so what else would they b looikin for that would warrant them to their mom if people are finding it very difficult to rejoice with them or to handle their success i think the best they can do is to shut the fuck up and stop these malignant insuation

makes me cry | Reviewer: tshivhase lavhelesani bridgette
    ------ About the song Beautiful Onyinye performed by P-Square

Its such a wonderfull song,it reminds me of the most painfull time in my life.when I broke of my boyfriend,I really felt lonely and hurt..I love this song ,it always leave with tears in my eyes

Alingo | Reviewer: Dex
    ------ About the song Alingo performed by P-Square

luv d music evn d video cos dey realy show dere freestyle der.....cumn of dear modas death.i can say dat dey real fuk. Cos of weaths n en10ment dey jst fall dere mumsy..cumn 2 dat video did u see hw dey mov d wing dos a human being av wings buh dey did meanin perfectly baforment...did u guys wrch..in my unbrela by rihna did u see d traingula sign dat she us as d unbrela..so be careful of wats so ever dat ur doin....i strongly says dat i can calculate d heavnly body of d nation buh nt d madness of d people....4giv us we dont no wat we are doin...GOD

real talk | Reviewer: TATA d YANA
    ------ About the song Alingo performed by P-Square

For Christ sake those guy are only tryin to sing there own song in order to make rhyme in there lyrics, I wonder why some we begin to overload a problems on there neck simply bcos they don't understand,bcos there mum is dead some silly people begins to misyarn what they don't know. Make u hater go them mama for heaven say na p square kill her . You guy that sayin rubbish u be ogberi u no awo bcos na awo na him Sabi wetin the music is all about, the scope of music,lyrical content ,rhyme beat in Order to make ur music dey interesting . Make u sit down write a song, compose it , arrange it look into the lyrical content of it and take it to studio for the sequence n beat to see easier it is u better stop sayin rubbish so that God will not give you a knock head from above say you too dey lie.........

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