Panic! At The Disco Lyrics

For a second, forget everything you already know about
Panic At The Disco. That means forgetting that the band's
2005 debut A Fever You Can't Sold Out has sold over 2.2
million copies to date; that their video for "I Write Sins
Not Tragedies" became a #1 hit on MTV and snagged one of
the network's video music awards for best video in 2006;
and, finally, erasing from your mind all of the sold-out
clubs the band have played over the past three years and
the ubiquity of Panic At The Disco's music-and mugs-on
radio stations, television More...

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Review about Panic! At The Disco songs
Erm...hi? | Reviewer: ThankYouSherlock
    ------ About the song But It's Bettef If You Do performed by Panic! At The Disco

Anyway. I hate it when people argue over the meaning of Panic!'s songs. Why? Because they purposefully make their songs son that their lyrics sound different for every person. And that's what music is- it should sound different to you and to the person next to you. This isn't pop music, where every song has a very obvious message. It kind of makes me angry that people lose sight of that, but also glad that some people are discovering now what music really is.
Keep listening, guys.

A review name. | Reviewer: You-don't-need-to-know-my-name
    ------ About the song Camisado performed by Panic! At The Disco

This song is undoubtly amazing. I have to admit, I came across Panic on RB2, and fell in love,so I looked them up. Years later,I'm still listening to this band...because they are just that awesome. Camisado is just a beautiful song,just like the rest of the album. As I write this, I'm actually listening to this song. It's like...a giant poem,wrapped up in an unexplainable pattern in which only people who listen will understand. Pure poetry,bro. If you don't pay attention to the lyrics, your missing out on a lot.
Unlike newer songs that have meaningless lyrics about dumb stuff,(all songs now are the same. Modern mix,at least.),this song means something. It has a deep inner meaning I guess? And that is why I love them,and their music. THE END.

It was always you | Reviewer: Aze
    ------ About the song Always performed by Panic! At The Disco

it's about a man who love a girl who used to love him. But now the girl no longer loved him as b4 and didn't give him good response. "Im a light blinking of the end of the road, blink back to let me know."
Maybe the boy doing things that hurt the girl feeling back then. And when he start to love her back sincerelly, she have no longer the same feeling as before, and tend to take his kindness in wrong way. "like bad glue, on a get well card"

Plain and Simple | Reviewer: MW
    ------ About the song New Perspective performed by Panic! At The Disco

Lets be plain here this is about Sarah and him getting married and having a new period in his life (with her) "they'll never win" is referring to the people who hare Sarah and his relationship. Overall you people are thinking this through too much and you should learn to take things simply.

like the song but it is confusing until i sang it | Reviewer: a fan of PATD
    ------ About the song Build God, Then We'll Talk performed by Panic! At The Disco

so the song is about how an actual virgin sleeps with a lawyer in a not so great motel for prostitutes and the wife knows about it but stays with the cheating lawyer because she is like the virgin who needs money and virgin gets the job buts stays with the lawyer i think the wife is cheating on the lawyer with a cop and either the virgin or the wife gets pregnat and lawyer doesn`t care and the lawyer and wife stays with the lawyer but they cheat on each other andthe don`t care if they do nasty things with each other and they call it free marriage or somthing like that

My guess! | Reviewer: Maxine
    ------ About the song Build God, Then We'll Talk performed by Panic! At The Disco

In my opinion the song is about a broke virgin who needs not only a job but money too so she agrees to be f**k up by the layers for a job. During this the lawyer is lying and cheating on his wife who only married him for the money. So the virgin and the lawyer do the dirty and the lawyer leaves and the part about a different purse is saying that she is pregnat and the police come to the hotel and find her. (My opinion is that she f**ked up the cop too to get off) an there's a part in the beginning there's a part when they talk about rosary in her lingerie and I think that is connected when the sing "rain drops on roses".
So pretty much this song is a story of a girl that gets f**cked up for money and gets pregnat! Well that's my idea of it. :)! | Reviewer: RAWR
    ------ About the song But It's Better If You Do performed by Panic! At The Disco

1. This song is awesome, I'v had it in my head for ages!
2. Panic! Are awesome but that's no need for all the "I LUV BRENDON! PANIC IZ SO HAWT!" They don't care, we don't care. It's nice to support them but could you at least TRY to sound like you actually listen to the music as opposed to just thinking they're cute and
3. Fuck, the solo in this song is perfection itself. There are only two solo's that make my soul scream and it's the one in this song and the solo in Nice Dream by RadioHead

OMGoodness! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey. You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet performed by Panic! At The Disco

Just listened to this song, and I absolutely love it!!!!! The lyrics, the beat, the tune... everything is perfect for Panic! at the Disco! I don't think they coud've made it better in any way! Plus I love the title!

great song (huge fan) | Reviewer: Hannah
    ------ About the song Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off performed by Panic! At The Disco

Ryan wrote this song its about a girl who cheated on him and when he says is it still me to make you sweat meaning does she still fawn over him. then think of what you did i hope to god he was worth it he is saying you cheated on me and he hopes to god he was worth the cheating. i've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch a better fuck, hes saying that he can make her laugh more than he can, he can kiss better, hes hotter than him, and hes better at sex then him basically saying that he is better at everying and harlequin means clown/idiot testorane boys mean boys who want sex the girl who cheated is the harlequin and the boy she cheated with is the testorane the boy who wants sex i hope this comment is helpful to people who were having a hard time working that one out but this is just my option okay? xxx :-)

No one cares if hes hot | Reviewer: Claude
    ------ About the song Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off performed by Panic! At The Disco

It isn't about whether or not you would cheat on him, it if the SONG is about cheating. So can we just get away from fawning over a famous person and listen to the actual fucking music?

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