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Parabelle ('para' meaning 'to resemble; 'belle' meaning
'beauty') is a rock band that initially formed in 2007 as a
side project by Kevin Matisyn, the former lead singer of
Evans Blue, and Kenneth Nixon of Framing Hanley. Since
then, the band has undergone numerous line-up changes. The
band's first release was a double album entitled A Summit
Borderline/A Drop Oceanic on July 6, 2009. With the
subsequent addition of Kyle Mathis (formerly of Neverset)
and Aaron Burton, they released their second album
Reassembling the Icons on November 15, 2010. A third album,
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So wrong | Reviewer: Scb108
    ------ About the song Listen performed by Parabelle

These are not even close. They put the lyrics in my pre ordered CD. Roasty roasty children? Are you serious? Here are the real ones straight from thirty. Facebook page

LISTEN - The pieces are shattering, they left a hole where your heart should have been, breathless and smothering, I'm told you wear it well, you told me that you lived, you were wrong, blessed with your face in my hands, one merely suffocates alone, innocent when we began, why don't I feel, why won't I listen, what makes this fate so surreal and why can't I stay away, rough start, rough stay till it's real but it will never be unless there's a miracle, my faults aside, it'd take a miracle, it took some time for you to wonder what you've done, anyone can see that you're haunted by the kill, broke with my faith in your hands, why can't I breath, why won't you listen…you said whatever was before won't ever stop till you're alone, and we were walking when we're wounded, broke with your blood on my hands, why can't we believe, why won't we listen

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