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Paris Hilton was born February 17, 1981, to Rick and Kathy
Hilton, making her the great-granddaughter of Conrad
Hilton, founder of the Hilton hotels and source of the
family fortune -- estimated at $300 million. Her
grandfather, Conrad ''Nicky'' Hilton, Jr., also brought
some notoriety to the family, as he was the first of
Elizabeth Taylor's many ex-husbands. Paris' younger sister,
Nicky (born in 1983), shares the throne as co-heiress of
the Hilton empire.

Growing up in Manhattan's ritzy Waldorf-Astoria, the
family's New York home, More...

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Review about Paris Hilton songs

Crazy | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Jealousy performed by Paris Hilton

You girls are completely crazy bitches!! Every paragraph is "my bestfriend" all you girls suck at life! I bet the majority of you are not beautiful and no one is jealous of you, you cunts need to get over your selves!

blind believer | Reviewer: britney noiz
    ------ About the song Jealousy performed by Paris Hilton

I had A friend named zaheda.We met in an airline school.She used to act like she is very generous.she always paid the bills ,paid the taxi fair.She would never allow me to do it.It was all a lie!SHE WAS A BITCH IN TOTAL!all she did was use me to stalk the cute doctor she liked in a hospital.She told me that the doc liked me and she set me up with him.but all that was a lie.She used to carry tales too.She had shit loads of money,and thought that she could buy everyone with ther money,and she did.when i told her that what she was doing was not right she was scared to face the truth and she put all the blame on me,and she bought everyone with the evil money she had as witnesses against me.i left the still has left a scar on was jealousy...but the question is when she had everything what was she jealous of?

Ex Bestie Drama | Reviewer: Shantel Lester
    ------ About the song Jealousy performed by Paris Hilton

I once knew this one girl named Geanetta Adoria Clark whom had an too involved mother and a sister for an whore, she was always envious if I meet somone new or associated with somone she didnt like. We were good friends but she was too clingy so when I decided to delete her as my sister from my Facebook profile she went crazy and started saying I put my boyfriend before her so I called her out and we stop being friends.....I couldnt be happier ;)

jealousy | Reviewer: swati
    ------ About the song Jealousy performed by Paris Hilton

the song reminds me of my ex bestfriend.
she was always jealous of me,cause i am tall,and beautiful,and she has nothing to flaunt about...she always copied my styles and looked really funny...she never admitted it as it would hurt her ego.
one day,i got annoyed and puked all my opinions about her.
i never talked to her since then.
she does not worths talking...
well done paris...

puh-lease!!!!!! | Reviewer: shhhh
    ------ About the song Jealousy performed by Paris Hilton

this song reminds me of my ex-bestfriend... haha.
like everyone else's bestfriend here, my bestfriend is such a die hard when it comes to getting the attention of boys, she always claims that boys like her better than everyone. but helloo??? those boys are not really after her, many of them are my suitors and the only reason why they interact with her is the fact that they want to get close to me and thus they get information about the things i like and i hate from her.. i only pretend that i dont care and things are okay since i dont want to make her feel bad so i just let her think what she wants to accept as facts for her. but one day, i got all fed up then boom! now we dont talk much anymore and the boys approaching her became less.
"You'd still never walk a day in my shoes." ---> so right!!!!!!

exbffe | Reviewer: fern
    ------ About the song Jealousy performed by Paris Hilton

this is like my ex bestie, i was new to the school and we became friends, but then i made more friends (obviously) and she was so jealous from all the attention and popularity i had so she fucked up my life and tried to sabotage all my friendships and now i hate her guts :)) fuck you. thats for you cole

Jealousy | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Jealousy performed by Paris Hilton

love this song...reminds me of my ex bestie, always tryin 2 copy me. always gettin what I have. got sick of her. was tryin not to "steal" the spotlight from her ...I couldn't express myself I always had to pretend to be a loser around her so she doesn't feel bad

Best Friend | Reviewer: Me
    ------ About the song Jealousy performed by Paris Hilton

This reminds me of my ex-best friend and myself.. She told me she was jealous of me and so I didn't know what to do.. I couldn't really express myself around her because she'd get upset.. But yet, when all eyes were on her everything was ok.. When I did something wrong I was punished for it.. but when she did the same thing it was supposed to be ok.. We still semi-talk but we aren't really friends anymore

jealousy | Reviewer: Barbiegurl
    ------ About the song Jealousy performed by Paris Hilton

This song reminds me of one of my friends. She's kind of a wannabe 'cuz she allways likes the same boys as me, it's really annoying cuz even though I'm allways the one getting the guys , she is like allways on my back and I can never be alone with a boy without she's comming trying to be funny and cool<3

Pop Perfection | Reviewer: Devin
    ------ About the song Nothing in This World performed by Paris Hilton

The perfect pop song about a crush. This song shows Paris is not always sexual. The lyrics are innocent and playful. Paris is often sexually explicit, and is often compared to the likes of Britney. But this bubble gum pop song is much, much more Hilary's style.

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