Pet Shop Boys Lyrics

The Pet Shop Boys are an English pop duo: keyboarder Chris
Lowe and singer Neil Tennant. Neil and Chris first met in
1981 by accident in an electronics shop on the London Kings
Road. They discovered their common interest in electronic
music and started to write songs together. First they
called themselves West End but soon changed the name into
Pet Shop Boys - inspired by friends who worked in a pet

Their first single West End Girls was first released in
1984. But it wasn't successful. The record company wanted
to make a new More...

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Review about Pet Shop Boys songs
To the guy saying it is anticommunist: | Reviewer: Moinaldo
    ------ About the song GO WEST performed by Pet Shop Boys

@against communism | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/10:

Who is the stupid here?? did not you watch the video?? why would you have a RED statue of liberty and Lennin showing the way??? If the video was anticommunist, it would have shown a decaying USSR and the troops migrating to the USA... normal USA not a red one.

When people try to orient themselves they stand looking to the north, you have the north in front and the west to the left... everyone knows what the left-wing politics mean.

So, next time before calling someone stupid, learn to use your brain and not to believe what your """"""free nation""""""" makes you think.

Review song track demo pop music | Reviewer: Dennis L SAenz
    ------ About the song LOVE COMES QUICKLY performed by Pet Shop Boys

Like any other day sitting alone without love nor beauty is it a stone maybe lost another person living all together standing still in time.

Its never to late to cry like a child among the storm leaving something behind

Thank you very much..
Dennis' Song writer

with out music | Reviewer: cilica
    ------ About the song GO WEST performed by Pet Shop Boys

hi..Iam cilica from Saudi Arbia.. we are a big fans of your song [go west] since we saw it in a playstation game in 2004..we would love to hear it without music because our religion does not allow us to hear music..can you do it , pleasssssssssssse..thanks alot

Love the rhythm since the very first time I heard it | Reviewer: tycll
    ------ About the song GO WEST performed by Pet Shop Boys

I've heard this song long time ago but never got to know its name until recently. Just dont understand why the song is gay related.

In addition, I dont think the rhythm has anthing to do with Pachelbel's canon.

at last found the song | Reviewer: Tony
    ------ About the song DREAMING OF THE QUEEN performed by Pet Shop Boys

I never thought that I would be able to listen to this song again. It's been more than 20 years since I've bought a casette tape (cd's were more expensive at that time) of the "VERY" album. thank goodness I already have it on my winamp

masz racje :) | Reviewer: artie
    ------ About the song GO WEST performed by Pet Shop Boys

to PolishGirl1990 | 5/8/09

>Am I the only one who thinks that this song is an irony of West Europe and USA?

masz racje! :)
yep, you might be right! at least, I want to think so. not because I dislike western culture or something (I actually do appreciate western ideology, mindset and way of living. I've been to USA and Canada and REALLY enjoyed being there, and dream of coming back someday), but because irony is a good thing as it helps to stay unprejudiced. there are no just "good" or "bad" things or regimes. even so called "communism" had some advantages (although not so many of them :)) before capitalism. so, this song might really be a good and smart joke about all the political stereotypes...

with best wishes,
Artie, ukraine.

Thought | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song GO WEST performed by Pet Shop Boys

This is about the east and west german estates :) during those times the usa controlled the west which was of course a free place. thats why they say together we will go our way. letting east germans know that together they could rise and outrule dicatorship and the Nazi system :) they also mention the air is free becuase there was much pollution due to the factories the jews gypsies and blacks in the ghetto back then

against communism | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song GO WEST performed by Pet Shop Boys

arturoabraham, you're stupid! have you watched the video? You haven't understood anything. This song was just against the communism in the eastern Europe. And it was right and true to go west to the freedom and hope, for a best future.

New spirit reveals | Reviewer: TiyoWidodo
    ------ About the song GO WEST performed by Pet Shop Boys

Every time I listen to the song suddenly my emotion erupts. I truly wonder how Pet Shop Boys could make such full-of-spirit masterpiece. There seem no way to go back to sadness. I really love this song.

sou eu mesmo | Reviewer: Rayymundo Santos
    ------ About the song You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk performed by Pet Shop Boys

Nunca tinha ouvido, quando ouvi pela 1ª vez, fiquei um pouco pensativo, é e verdade a letra diz tudo, quando você as vezes fala por falar é a pessoa entende que é verdadeiro, isso acaba machucando quando não é verdade.

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