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Marcus Ramone Cooper (born December 27, 1984), better known by his stage name Pleasure P is a contemporary R&B singer who experienced success as a member of the group Pretty Ricky before embarking on a solo career in 2007.

In 2008 he released his solo debut single, "Did You Wrong," which quickly became a hit. His solo debut album, tentatively titled The Introduction of Marcus Cooper, is scheduled for release on March 31, 2009.

"The reason I named it that is because Pretty Ricky introduced you all to Pleasure P, but now Pleasure P is going to introduce you to Marcus Cooper, which is my government name," says the 23-year-old, who left his post as lead singer of the group last year. "This time, I'm in my own lane musically -- I'm grown up now. I'm talking about things that average R&B guys don't talk about but that average people can relate to. Pretty Ricky was overly raunchy, young and with no direction. Now, my music is classier and I'll tell you exactly how it is"

Pleasure P return to the group with his brothers as pretty ricky. But he still got a solo records still come out this year.

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april | Reviewer: sexy mama | 3/27/13

Hi pleasure p, my name is April I love your music I always wanted to meet you maybe one day I will. Sometimes when I listen to your music I feel like I am really by u but if I don't ever get to meet u I will love to tell u that I luv u very much

Lick Lick Lick | Reviewer: Mz.BarbiDall411 | 11/14/12

Hey Marcus,
These chicks on here are wild right,talking about marrying yuuh and stuff. #SMH
i just love yuur song lick lick lick i dont know why buuh it puuts mehh in the mood.(If yuuh know what i mean). LOL!!!! Keep writing music and ill keep listening too it.

_ imma be a fan ( FOREVER] ! ( : | Reviewer: _NEiSHA <3 | 10/13/11

_iLove Pleasure p originally Marcus Cooper because he has qrown as person and realized things bht ilove his music & his voice , the beats and rhythym to tha songs not even cause tha lyrics ; he should deff. be on top widf tha other artist it just not far lol * <3 ( :

luv u at age 6 n nw am in mi teens | Reviewer: stacy | 12/26/10

I luv u marcus cooper AKA PLEASURE P i luved u when u waz wit Pretty Ricky whn i ws littl whn I hear yo voice on the and i still luv u even doe yall not 2gether will i got 2 go & listen 2 ur music & think bout how sexy u iz/Bye LUV yo gurl stacy aka lil mama

shortii | Reviewer: mimi | 8/27/10

Dear Pleasure,
Or shuld i say Marcus, unlike all these other chicks im not going 2 throw my self at u im jus going 2 tell u what i thnk of u n ur music. For one your music is different i like it because it speaks 2 me like no other launge or song iv heard. im not goin 2 frnt ur a cutiie n probly a sweety 2. Anyway keep singing cuz uv inspired me 2 do the same !

love shortii/Mimi

andreshia is in love with marcus cooper | Reviewer: Andreshia Terry | 6/6/10

I am gone marry you when im old enough. I hope that you are going to like me. I would do anything to meet you i love and cherish you all the time. I hope that you will be able to paform at my sweet 16 next year on January 9, 2011. I love you and I will always love you now and forever!!

bitch who | Reviewer: tbaby | 4/16/10

pleasure p is my love and my one and only cant nobody love him like i can i have always loveed him since 2003 before pretty ricky im down with him past thechild molestion cuz i kno my man u can molest me any day i love u always tbaby

Marcus cooper girl | Reviewer: Bianca | 10/20/09

I luv u Marcus unlike these women I'm a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets.I can do sumthing the other women cant do maybe I can make u go UNDER me someday,u can make me moan and scream your name.these bitches cant handle u I can handle u.LUV Pr

Terr' aka Kadiie | Reviewer: Terr' | 10/6/09

Honestly..i dont think there's no chick that is love w/ marcus lik i may sound a little silly bt i actually cry wen i hear your music..not n a bad way bt in a gud...there's not a day that goes by that i dont listen ta 'under' thats my favorite nd so is u babe..! much much love.. Terr!

I love pleasure p and Marcus | Reviewer: Brittany | 8/16/09

I think that u were good with pretty ricky but your better off on your own. You have a very sexy and unique voice and its very different from all the other r&b singers. Your high notes are always on point and im glad that you decided to show the world a more mature side of you.

BrEeZiiE lOve'sZ PleSuRe P | Reviewer: sandii | 7/15/09

hey pleasure, well... marcus ii love your music i have ya new c.d. and all the pretty ricky albums myroom is filled with your pictures all over my walls ive had the biggest crush on u since pretty ricky 1st came out i fell in love with ya sexii smile ya great vOice and ya body ii love you marcus cooper and keep doin wat cha doin ya makin the ladies feel real good

sandi marie stott

Sexy | Reviewer: Asia | 3/20/09

I luv u Pleasure P or shud I say Marcus Cooper/U r so damn sexy/i luved u when u waz wit Pretty Ricky and i still luv u even doe yall not 2gether/ will i got 2 go & listen 2 ur music & think bout how sexy u r/Bye LUV ur gurl Asia

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