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Lecrae Prayer Life Lyrics

Last updated: 08/19/2014 02:53:45 PM

God I don't know what to do except look to you
I pray and I pray but my prayers fell overdue
I know I don't pray enough but your my lean-to
in a thunderstorm God your my shelter my roof
Your love is always there I will always trust you
when I`m sad and blue I know you`ll help me through
which is why I`m callin` to you again
I cant stop fallin` prey to my sin
Satan tempts me and tempts me I keep fallin in
Into his lies of joy passion and pleasure
But it`s all lies because in Heaven joy beyond measure

Ami I going to hel now? Am I eternally lost?
No! My sins were payed for upon the cross
God I beg your forgiveness, without it my life is chaos
1 Corinthians 6:20 my life was bought with a cost
My life is no longer min its yours so do what you need
If you want me to preach God I will gladly preach
Now that I know I`m forgiven I feel free
My prayer life I pray will continue to increase
By studying your word lord my soul will feed

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