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Pretty Ricky is an American hip-hop group made up of brothers Baby Blue, Spectacular, and Slick'Em , and now former member of the group, Pleasure P, has been replaced by current member, 4Play. They are notable for releasing several popular singles, such as "Grind With Me", "Your Body", "Juicy", "Nothing But A Number", "On The Hotline", "Push It Baby", and "Love Like Honey. The group emerged in the music industry in 1997, following the footsteps of their father, Joseph "Bluestar" Smith and continue to have success.

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BEST GROUP I KNOW!!! | Reviewer: TAY2.0 | 1/17/10

Pretty Ricky is my favorite group. I was sad when Pleasure left the group, but people change and well, I will get over it . Your songs still are the best but I will need some time to get use to the new guy. Love, me SMOOOOCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love yall | Reviewer: leelee | 10/26/09

i think yall r da best, i lov yall so much i lik all of ur songs and so sad about the break up but yall keep doing yall thing and ill still support yall and pleasure p but spec i love u the most smoches

My boo sexi boo | Reviewer: Mrs.Faithful | 11/21/08

pretty ricky is my well was my favorite group from day one it ain t one group that can come and do / make me change the way i think about pretty ricky so all these well yall hataz can keep hatin cause dey ain t goin no where ........i hope

PRETTY RICKY FAN | Reviewer: Nay Nay | 2/11/08

When I say I'm a fan dats about it I'm a fan not a groupie...I just wanna say dat I believe dat pretty ricky is one of the best boy groups 2 come along since jodeci and I don't believe dat dey get da props dey deserve....but keep da performance up because dat show dat yall put for da people at madison square garden was da shit...I thought I was gonna have 2 take my lil sis out of da area she was probably screamn louder than all the other females there...but I enjoyed myself...just keep da albums and good songz cummin and I wil always support yall....sad 2 here dat pleasure went...ill support him 2 if he keep it right....holla lata 1

fine | Reviewer: shakira | 12/28/07

spec all my god damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn u is so fine when i become a singer in 2 o 3 more years i want to fuck u and be yo girl the other is fine but not like u baby blue is but i like u bettet

Are you all brother's? | Reviewer: Ladybug | 12/20/07

Every body says you guys are brothers. Is that true? I am doing research on Pleasure. I love your group if you need someone to sing with you e-mail me and we can work something out!!!!! Love ya!!!

married | Reviewer: Sexy | 12/17/07

I heard a rumor a friend told me that pleasure was married to a girl named Jennifer. Now I don't belive it but it can be real. Yall are some sick nasty wanna be Bitchs. That can't find a man

Pretty Ricky | Reviewer: Desinee | 12/5/07

Ok they are talented singers, and I think since there recent group break-up they'll do wonderful, from Destiny

Girls yall need 2 stop it | Reviewer: Ms.SexySpecsWife | 11/18/07

Yall females r so stupid ya knw u aint married 2 none of pretty ricky yall wish ya was.get a clue half of yall might b ugly anyways.dnt Spec,Baby Blue,Pleasure,orSlick um want yall hoes 4real get yo bread up.YA DIG.

sexy Spec. | Reviewer: bubblegum dat gurl | 10/17/07

well Sexy spec. i really love you i just wanna fuck u all day long if you wanna hit me up but um ill call you

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