It's Alright

Aha, I'm in the hood mix-tapes'
Anything out here moving, I'm moving
I just rap nigga alive and I'm grooving it
First stupid nigga to try me, I'm losing it
Dude is confusing this music shit with life
Disrespect me and I do it big tonight
You know what I had to get through these rhymes
And I'mma let a carol like you to diss me, right!
No, not in your life, ain't nobody popping like my song fan
Not a chance, I dance, I skip on beats, I make love to him
I turn chicks to fiends, I'mma drug to 'em
I fuck through 'em, debo style (yo flex)
I wanna sit down with evil now
I wanna act through the living, there's no trash and gibberish
Really out, you're living it, you're spitting like me
I close the' we heard from the curb
That flick words are more superb than MC
That's not a nerd, I turn nouns to verbs
In the' like I got a degree (that's right!)
So truthfully speaking, a nigga's that's lean, it's' don't you agree?
I backpack, trap rap, setting the trap starp
Reading books for crack in my nap sat
Now I'm in the snap, back truths and false
To all you knew niggas, I do these hoes
I'm going out the front, so you already know
Can't cut it to a nigga, see a million a' you heard me?
I do this, nigga!