Certified Cutthroat
   ------City The Great

Let him leave for what
He a lone nigger leaner
C-I-T-Y half man half machine
New nightmare I run up in these dreams on him
Look boy had to watch a rerun
Niggers talk that snake shit
Till you pout the squeeze on'em
Took 5 hits bitch nobody ain't no lean on it
If you think that nigger hot
You bout to put that freeze on him
Superman what happened with that horse if you slip on it?
Hard fucking hot every missile shot
Peasants shut the fuck up
Be quiet when the king talk
Bully on the track
And I dare you two to speak on it
Part time hustler I'm seven days a week on it
Black to talk about
Why you never seen on ya
Mixtape garbage couldn't sell a Jay Z on it
Now here's the type Alfa dog you show the lean on it
This nigger been dead
After that I pout cream on it
Let them see and rest in p[ace on it
They can be the proof
Nigger shot and you can be the truth on it
Kamikaze uni bar
Every shot you on
Now you on me moving hard

So as I fly down this highway
Speeding like a motherfucker
Thinking bout my past life
And how I'm flexing on these suckers
Slow down, wait a minute
Let me get my mouth right
Bitch boy move out my way
You hogging on the lime light
I'm just a hoolie in the dark
Trying to get my sound right
Smoke with my Rihanna bitch
She got little show she shine right
Got the presi on my wrist
Don't even know if the time's right
But my time's right now
So I gotta bite down
Your boys getting now I'm slower than my last one
I'm still buying fly shit
Rest in peace he's done, zip'em in plastic
Don't worry bout the bill cause I can cover the casket
More money mo problems gotta move carefully
Biggie taught me right so now I'm balling like...
I'm the type of nigger that'll come raise a catastrophe
Your artist stuck in limbo
But nobody else is tracking me
I'm getting to the loop, all I see is green
On a paper chase, I'm sweating in these dreams
Moving slowly double cup, no lean
Loud in the deck threw it up Hennessy
I move swiftly pass the girl at 20
This cutthroat nigger then you not my homey
Come fuck with me come to see what I'm about
If I ain't shit bitch keep my name out yo mouth
I'm cruising bout these...switching lean in these bouts
Make a bitch ring got her pussy out the draught

Getting down fuck is they gonna have to
Used to watch you do this shit
Now I'm like a rap too
I rate it I made it and then they hate it

This rap shit I started was never premeditated
Nigger we the best in the track
It's as if we made it
I like vacation
I pray to God every night
Just to thank him that we made it
If she on that ...I tell her that bitch descended
How many times have you heard me say
I'm the fucking greatest
Anything I say you better believe it when I say it