Boss Nigga
   ------Juicy J

[Intro: Juicy J]
Cant stop this money flow, broke ass niggas (never)
Hatin' ass niggas man

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
I got them shooters on deck AK's with banana clips
We aint bout that talking you get smoked like castle sticks
My nigga only move a real niggas and goons
They dont know how to talk, they only know how to shoot
Drop a couple bands, and get your top cut off
While I'm somewhere with some rich white folks playing golf
My Benz got a hole in the top like a dolphin
I'm on this codeine because this weed got me coughin'
From Memphis Tenneesse where it aint ten a ki
Find a nigga dead in his house, he just a memory
Niggas starving in these streets, coming for your stash
A gun plus a mask, you do that math
Still steppin' on them blocks like hopscotch
Goons on deck shootin' like they own a shot clock
Real nigga always countin' like a stop watch
Bullet after toaster turn you to a pop tart
Hundred bands on the watch bitch its my time
We were totin' pistols to school before Columbine
Juicy J, North Memphis vet
I went and bought a Corvette and put it on my neck
Money talk, you broke niggas is deaf
Bitch I'm blowin' on loud and so is my check
Fully-automatics, no auto-tune
I don't make no diss songs I'm leaving rappers with bullet wound

[Hook x2: Juicy J]
Boss nigga, I be callin' shots
These shakin' ass niggas, be callin' cops
If I got any problems, I call them shooters
My bitch got plenty racks, I call them hooters

[Outro: Juicy J]
Real shit, real spit
Get your money up nigga
Yeah, (maf…..mafia)