Bright Sunny South
   ------Sam Amidon

In the bright sunny south and peace and content
These days of my boyhood I scarcely have spent
From the deep following spring to the broad flowing stream
Ever dear to my memory, sweeter is my dream

I lay my confinement and comfort alike
The dangers of warfare, provision and strife
I have come to come close and reply with my word
As I shoulder my musket but I’ll take my sword

My father looked sad as he begged me to part
My mother embraced me with anguish of heart
And my beautiful sister looked pale in her role
As she hugged me and blessed me, told me to go

Dear father, dear father for me do not wait
I’m along to a man and I mean for to keep
The dangers of war I intend for to share
And for sickness and death I intend to prepare

Dear mother, dear mother for me do not wait
For a while this kind voice I ever will keep
You have taught me be brave from a boy to a man
And I’m going in defense of her own native land

Dear sister, dear sister, I’m a’feared of your woe
Your grief and your sorrow, they trouble me so
I must be going for here I cannot stay
I’m going in defense of her own native land