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FORMED: 1971, London, England

1968: Smile
In 1968, Brian May and Tim Staffell, both students at
Imperial College, decided they wanted to form a group.
Brian placed an advertisement on the college notice board
for a "Ginger Baker type" drummer, and a young medical
student called Roger Taylor auditioned and got the job.
They called the group Smile. Smile were signed to Mercury
Records in 1969, and had their first experience of a
recording studio in Trident Studios that year. Tim Staffell
was at Ealing College of Art More...

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Review about Queen songs
Ode to Queen's 1st record company | Reviewer: Deb
    ------ About the song March Of The Black Queen performed by Queen

March of the Black Queen is an ode to Queen's first record company (the Black Queen) that made studio recording difficult (at odd hours in the middle of the night), slow release of their albums (put them in the cellar with the naughty boys), untrustworthiness (never dots her i's) with unreasonable demands and control (power) over the band and their material. Queen persevered, left for a new record company to make the music they intended and deliver "a little bit of love and joy".

shadows of things to come | Reviewer: Rob
    ------ About the song The Prophet's Song performed by Queen

this is by far my favorite real queen song with an intense message - listen to the wise man,how prolific in todays world when all hell is breaking loose and very few are listening to the prophets of old and are embracing the devil they know. first discovered it when I was 14 and got it immediately,today 40 years later it speaks to me even more as I post it for my friends who don't get it,but maybe they will listen to the wise man.in todays devil owned music biz this song would never be permitted because of it's truth nature and good message - good job brian

this was for mary austin | Reviewer: kia
    ------ About the song Love Of My Life performed by Queen

there was no denying freddie mercurys homosexuality/bisexuality, but he always loved mary austin, she was his soulmate, someone he loved deeply, and he wrote this for her and tbh their story is alot better and more meaningful than romeo and juliet.

no- one but you | Reviewer: Anita
    ------ About the song No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) performed by Queen

My closest. Friends son died while walking bit by a drunk driver...he was very different & he called me mom...i think of him often when i hear this song..thank you Queen..a beautiful lyric..!!!

Great Song | Reviewer: Mason
    ------ About the song Don't Stop Me Now performed by Queen

I love this song. Quite possibly one of the most underrated songs ever. And Anonymous, shut up. Just because you don't like some styles of music doesn't mean everyone doesn't like it. Plus, I know more about nuclear science than 90% of the US and I am fourteen.

do it or don't | Reviewer: sassy
    ------ About the song Don't Try Suicide performed by Queen

I remember hearing this 4 the first time as a kid. (Showing the age). The dj at the roller rink played it a lot. Weird. I was pretty damn depressed then, but I never managed 2 off myself. Ha. Twisted tune, indeed. I miss Freddy too.

In response to Paul Grimes Is An Idiot's Review | Reviewer: FreddieHg
    ------ About the song Radio Ga Ga performed by Queen

In response to #7 of your points in particular, Roger Taylor stated that the song was originally Radio Ka Ka. He got the song idea after hearing his son denounce radio as "Radio ka ka" as a young child. They later changed it to Radio Ga Ga though there are claims that you can still hear the original "ka ka" track in the background. Therefore, the "Radio ka ka" misconception is not completely unfounded. I cannot cite the source of this information, though I came across it while gathering research for the 10-page research paper I wrote on Queen. I am quite certain of its validity. I believe it was from one of the video documentaries, perhaps Queen: Days of Our Lives.

Underrated Masterpiece | Reviewer: Andrew
    ------ About the song Mustapha performed by Queen

This song is very rarely heard - even in concerts, when Queen were extant as a touring band, it would only be referenced as a Minaret call-styled introduction to another song, a sort of warm-up act. All of which is a pity, because as with all Queen's output arguably since the original Queen album back in 1972, it is as exquisitely honed as any of the great Classical composers, as superbly crafted as a Stradivarius violin. Of course, Freddie (or Faroukh Bulsara, as he was born), was an international person - Persian stock, born in Zanzibar and educated in India - so it's hardly surprising that his repertoire should be so eclectic.

Meaning behind the lyrics: Killer Queen | Reviewer: Norma Perfect
    ------ About the song Killer Queen performed by Queen

Moet et Chandon - says it all. The history of the most expensive wine/champagne in the world. The owner switched addresses frequently because of the laws for distilling or growing vineyards. Eventually they made a deal with Hennessy and were the first Winery on France Stock Exchange. Finally they founded Domaine Chandon in Napa Valley which had a fine dining restaurant ETOLE. So I believe it was about his love for fine expensive Spirits. Also, Christian Dior was owned by them: Perfume Naturally from Paris. Or maybe I just have the mind of a straight woman that happens to enjoy the song for it's basic meaning.

court jester Freddie | Reviewer: jongleur
    ------ About the song The Millionaire Waltz performed by Queen

Stumbled across The Millionaire Waltz and Fell In Love With It. Charge of the Love Brigade could be a take on the British Charge of the Light Brigade. I interpret Brian May's ( Ripping the Guitar Strings ) as the Climax of that Battle. Love this song Immensely. I will always Love QUEEN and Our Beloved Freddie Mercury.

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