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FORMED: 1971, London, England

1968: Smile
In 1968, Brian May and Tim Staffell, both students at
Imperial College, decided they wanted to form a group.
Brian placed an advertisement on the college notice board
for a "Ginger Baker type" drummer, and a young medical
student called Roger Taylor auditioned and got the job.
They called the group Smile. Smile were signed to Mercury
Records in 1969, and had their first experience of a
recording studio in Trident Studios that year. Tim Staffell
was at Ealing College of Art More...

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Review about Queen songs
Stevie | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song My Fairy King performed by Queen

"Someone...someone has drained the colour from my wings"

I've been a Queen fan my whole life,This is the line more than any other that brings a tear to my eye;if you understand why I don't need to explain it,If you don't?It aint worth trying to explain

peace and love to you all

NarutoJunkie 808 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Want It All performed by Queen

I love Queen and how their songs related to events and stories.Too bad I wasn't alive during the Golden Era of Queen. It would have been awesome!!! :)

Freddie is genius! | Reviewer: Shirabetty
    ------ About the song My Fairy King performed by Queen

I've been a huge fan of Queen for 37years but this song is absolutely my favorite of this album! I wish I were a native English speaker because I now can't find any good words which can describe exactly what I feel with this song... beautiful and magical, visionary and whimsicial... the lyrics and sound really come together, It's like a complete dream or illusion!
I think Queen made the first five albums mainly with their amazing talent, then after, with their ability and experience, rather than talent.
And I think in the first album they struggled a lot figuring their huge amount of fresh ideas and packing them in one album. And that process probably produced the really original atmosphere which we can hear only in this album.
Anyway, I LOVE this song!
Thanks, Freddie!

Freddie is genius! | Reviewer: Shirabetty
    ------ About the song Bohemian Rhapsody performed by Queen

This song is open to interpretation, well... of course most of Freddie's songs are, but especially Bohemian Rhapsody takes on new meanings over the years. Now I believe the man Freddie kills is no one but Freddie! He didn't come out in the 70s but I think he came to terms with who he was in the song. Mama... is probably Freddie's mother plus Mary! Freddie struggled a lot with his sexuality especially because he didn't want to make either his mom or Mary sad. And also, If he hadn't needed to love them, he would have said earlier that, Yes, I do have AIDS. The tabloid press didn't let him have any peace, yet Freddie protected his family in his own way, until the last munite of his life.

Freddie Mercury was really cool and I liked his music. | Reviewer: Michael William Andersen
    ------ About the song Don't Try Suicide performed by Queen

I had the pleasure to answer the Suicide Hot Line at a place called the ARTU. I had the feeling that the person calling was a thief for a long time afterward. I would suspect foul play in the case of these people that die of self-inflicted wounds and recommend that there is extreme danger involved in trying to help them.

Unbelievably amazing! | Reviewer: Shirabetty
    ------ About the song The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke performed by Queen

I've been a huge fan of Queen for 37years but this song would be the second-best for me! Freddie describes the dark side of the painting picking out each fairy with his amazing expression! I'm still addicted to his voice! The sound structure is actually, amazingly complicated, which makes this song ultimately unique and fascinating! Yet this song never sounds complicated, that means, Freddie is just genius! Thanks Freddie!

wow what a great song | Reviewer: mason
    ------ About the song We Are The Champions performed by Queen

i liked this song it was amazing it was sad that queen died i blame it on aids shoudlnt of happened hios mum shoud have took greater care when he had sex with a man

    ------ About the song The Show Must Go On performed by Queen

It is a very fantastic piece o music but more is his lyrics. As he said it towards the end, his music was about "him". Mainly about how he felt at the time of making it. It's sooo sad Bcz we know he was telling us how he was suffering and how he was pretending to be fine with it. Yet he was telling us how hard it was for him to accept his predicament. One moment he was telling himself to be brave and accept it l, whilst the next, he didn't know how to carry on. It's so sad to practically watch this sensetive lover of live and life die, what a pity and loss.

it's hard | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Spread Your Wings performed by Queen

why does every kid nowadays listen to dubstep and not real people singing and playing instruments? you know, Queen was hated a bit for using a fucking synthesizer at The Game album! it's hard for me to win my schoolfriends in music stuff, 'cause they've been brainwashed to like the music that is new. it's wrong, so wrong.

THIS is real music!

- 14-year-old girl, who listens to good old Queen

It's about AIDs | Reviewer: Phil's Dad
    ------ About the song Bohemian Rhapsody performed by Queen

The problem is, there are so many idiots on sites like this that you wonder whether it's worth putting forward one's views. The truth is that no one will know for sure as to the meaning of ALL the lyrics but SOME of them are a metaphor for passing on AIDS and how sorry the person is for doing that. Remember that just because the author wrote it, doesn't mean he actually did it ... but it also doesn't mean he didn't! A man with AIDS having sex with another man may as well have put "a gun to his head" and "pulled the trigger" (ejeculated) and then "thrown it all away" (feel remorse) then ask forgiveness from a person who he truly loves, his Mother. And racked with guilt, he feels he will go to hell ... take a look and work it out! But some lines will be so tangential as to defy interpretation and we should perhaps, just accept them for what they are and enjoy the music.

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