RZA Albums

  • Afro Samurai: Resurrection Album (1/27/2009)
    Combat (Afro Season II Open Theme)
    You Already Know
    Blood Thicker Than Mud ''Family Affair''
    Girl Samurai Lullaby
    Fight for You
    Bitch Gonna Get Ya'
    Bloody Days Bloody Nights
    Kill Kill Kill
    Nappy Afro
    Bloody Samurai
    Dead Birds
    Arch Nemesis
    Brother's Keeper
    Yellow Jackets
    Take The Sword Part III
    Number One Samurai (Afro Season II Outro)

  • Digi Snacks Album (6/4/2008)
    Digi Snacks Intro
    Long Time Coming
    You Can't Stop Me Now
    Straight Off The Block
    Booby Trap
    Try Ya Ya Ya
    Good Night Kiss
    No Regrets
    Money Don't Own Me
    Up Again
    Put Your Guns Down
    Love Is Digi / Part II
    O Day
    Don't Be Afraid
    The Wolf

  • Birth of a Prince Album (10/7/2003)
    Bob N'I
    The Grunge
    We Pop
    Fast Cars
    Chi Kung
    You'll Never Know
    Drink, Smoke & Fuck
    The Whistle
    Drop Off
    Wherever I Go
    Koto Chotan
    A Day To God Is 1000 Years
    Cherry Range
    The Birth (Broken Hearts)
    See The Joy

  • The World According to RZA Album (7/15/2003)
    Intro (The World According to RZA)
    Det e så jag känner
    On tha Ground
    The North Sea
    Saïan Intro
    Please, Tends l'Oreille
    Seul Face à Lui
    Souls on Fire
    Ich Weiss (On My Mind)
    Black Star Line-Up
    I've Never Seen ...
    Boing, Boing
    Make Money, Money
    Passaporto per Resistere
    Uzaktan Gelen Ses

  • Digital Bullet Album (8/28/2001)
  • Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai Album (4/11/2000)
  • RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo Album (11/16/1998)

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