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The RZA was born in Brooklyn, NY, as one of 10 children
living in poverty. In the early 80's he and his cousins,
GZA and Ol' Dirty Bastard formed a group called "All In
Together Now". Very little is known about that group.
In 1991 The RZA, at that time known as Prince Rakeem, got a
record deal with Tommy Boy records and released the EP "Ooh
We Love You Rakeem". The EP turned out to be a flop, and
RZA left Tommy Boy and hooked up with his cousins and
friends to form the Wu-Tang Clan. Under the new label
Loud/RCA records, they released More...

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lyrics are off | Reviewer: lyrics off
    ------ About the song Baddest Man Alive performed by RZA

"Hack off the judge, and put a guy to jail" should be "Handcuff the judge and throw the cops in jail"

there are other things off, but I'm not going to re-listen to list them here. just know these are a little off

This is.... interesting | Reviewer: Quizzical
    ------ About the song Baddest Man Alive performed by RZA

There are some weird mistakes here. A lot of it is right, but the parts that are wrong, like "Don’t plan on being bad, but I’m bad beating pussy" are bizarre. The lyric there is "not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good", and is probably a reference to the Lonely Island song "Incredibad".

Wu-Tang is for the Kids | Reviewer: Matt
    ------ About the song And Justice For All performed by RZA

Whats the name of the album from there son? i got his whole discography an cannot find the song RZA speak of look speak and wise men stay silent!
please any of my brothers, quire this knowledge;
bless the WU and follow the righteous way.

RZA | Reviewer: Sam
    ------ About the song Fatal performed by RZA

This Rap is awesome...the deep beats and cool lyrics are great and is just one of a kind!

RZA - FATAL | Reviewer: xio_neo
    ------ About the song Fatal performed by RZA

This song is plain awsome... It is very powerful from the intro music bit right thorugh to the chorus etc. If you take the time to read the lyrics, just utter genius - I mean you try and write rap...good rap...not too easy is it ;-)

Laterz, via con dias


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