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Where I Belong

BNA Records newcomer Rachel Proctor just might be the most
seasoned pro you’ve ever met. With one listen to her debut
album, Where I Belong, you hear the enormous musical
diversity in her background. But although she sings a
variety of styles well, Rachel knows exactly where she

“I was never completely happy doing any other styles,
because I always sang country music growing up,” says the
Charleston, WV native. “I really started focusing on
country when I was 17 and I thought, ‘Oh man, this is
cool.’ More...

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Submit Rachel Proctor New Lyrics

Reviews about Rachel Proctor songs

perfect | Reviewer: kasey fike
    ------ About the song Shame On Me performed by Rachel Proctor

hay this is kasey and i love the song shame on me by rachel procter i am rachel procters biggest fan i the whole world and im about the only person in my class who listhens to country music i know rigt love ya rachel procter keep on singind p.s your biggest fan kasey fike

tear jerker !!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: lisa
    ------ About the song Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You performed by Rachel Proctor

I just love this song.....If you ever have had a love one who passed away you need to listen to it... I just lost my mom on 8-13 and my niece gave it to me to play at her funeral we took off the end part. and i lost my dad 4 years ago and it still reminds me of him..

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