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FORMED: 1989, Oxford, England

Radiohead is widely regarded as one of the world's most
important bands of today. While their debut was rather
modest, they were shot to stardom after the success of "OK
Computer" - a success that few probably would have expected
or predicted when the five of them started playing together
in the early 80s after meeting at Abingdon School in
Thom Yorke was the driving force of the band. He was
singing in the punk band TNT, but asked the TNT bass
player, Colin Greenwood, if he wanted to join him More...

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Review about Radiohead songs
The truth. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Just performed by Radiohead

The band has gone on record in stateing this is about a narcassist - a past friend. "Changed the lock 3 times..." Read up on Narcisstic Personality Disorder, you can't get rid of them easily.
They are the wife beaters, the child molesters - their "stench" doesn't wash out easily. "You do it to yourself...." a Narcassist uses projection. So their bad becomes your bad - they convince you that "You do it to yourself". They hid the truth, they are pure evil. Most serial killers are on the Personality Disorder spectrum. Jimmy Savil was one.

Unfaithful | Reviewer: JakeVedd
    ------ About the song Exit Music (For A Film) performed by Radiohead

this awesome song is also in the Diane Lane/ Richard Gere movie 'Unfaithful'.
About halfway thru the movie, which I thought was pretty good, not great, a slow piano only version began playing and I slowly recognized it as Exit Music. I didn't know it was also in R & J til reading these comments. I'm planning to watch it soon, only due to my love of Claire Danes, who I've totally fallen for, because of her work in 'Homeland'.
I saw Radiohead at Suffolk Downs in Boston about 12 yrs ago, was blown away, and placed them in my top 10 bands of all time. (Beatles, Floyd, Pearl Jam,Zeppelin.....)

peepee | Reviewer: peepee
    ------ About the song Motion Picture Soundtrack performed by Radiohead

This song is obviously about the delusion of romanticism and love, about how love lost will come back in the end and there will be a happy ending to our stories. There is stark contrast between the musical and lyrical elements of this song, its a reference to the perceived meaning of these relationships and the true conclusion. In the movies there will always be a happy ending, for our own lives this isn't always true. So one misses the other feeling they will take them back because they are "soul mates" but the other one has moved on or does not accept them in this way. They miss them and try to rekindle their love and it goes no where. As they realize this they end their own life in the hope that they will meet in another life. This story takes the form of a narrative detailing the moral of this story, that we are deluded by these ideas of perfection and hope fed to us by movies and books because its what we want to hear, only to realize that life is nothing like it and there is not always a happy ending to every story.

Vague | Reviewer: random reviewer
    ------ About the song Creep performed by Radiohead

This song is actually rather vague, as it's about belonging in anywhere. Love, culture, family, society...etc. He sees a person/place/culture and thinks it's either:
a) inescapable so he really wants to become a part of it
b) much better than what he's in already
The beauty of this song is that you can apply it to whatever you want, as it has thousands of different scenarios in it's simple lyrics.

my perspective of the song | Reviewer: vicky
    ------ About the song Creep performed by Radiohead

Well,its a very nice song with many hidden messages,I believe but I think it is some kind of true love where you give everything but in the end you gain only pain . I think the guy feels lonely and where it says 'she runs runs runs' I think he feels captivated in a irreversible situation ,I mean the fact she will never come back to him...or she can' t love him again.. I believe when love fades away there do exist a way to come in the surface again,stronger but it has to be real. Real love never dies

Feel it in your bones, man! | Reviewer: Mike
    ------ About the song Bones performed by Radiohead

So this song, to-me-personally, is about someone who pushes himself in drugs, in feeling good, "Feeling it in your bones", and his knowledge that eventually the good times will fall apart, along with his body, and he reminisces about what it used to feel like to be the man, "I used to fly like peter pan".

Great Lasting Art | Reviewer: Ima Creep II
    ------ About the song Creep performed by Radiohead

All these reviews are correct- this song connected universally. Seeing the many interpretations through individual prisms shows how great this song is. It has deep meaning for most all reviewers, and is there any reviewer here that dislikes this song?

The depth within individuals | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Creep performed by Radiohead

Well, while all the interpretations given are quite obvious from the lyrics, there is something that is not (or it is rather but left unnoticed). I believe the song associates any kind of human being to it without anyone realizing that they're all stuck in the same chain of being hurt, treated like shit, not being recognised for things that they want recognition for. Thus in short, it is not about the guy/girl. Its about every other person who lives and how insecurities are inevitable! Period!

Masterpiece | Reviewer: Anonymous Mom
    ------ About the song Jigsaw Falling Into Place performed by Radiohead

I'm a classical music fan and I have to rate this song up there w/ anything by a late, great composer of symphonic music. The chord changes are so beautiful, simple and yet complex coupled with the percussion which just puts me in a bittersweet, euphoric trance. It is one of the best songs I have ever heard and that's saying a lot since I'm 59 and have heard quite a few songs over the years. I wish they would tour so I could see them live in 2014.

Meanings | Reviewer: Milton Sousa
    ------ About the song Sit Down. Stand Up performed by Radiohead

I think that is a very powerfull song , and what makes it that powerfull is the simple lyrics that putd the question on us , só i think every person can take its own meaning out of it .. Its a eargasm <3

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