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Jersey-born, Maryland-raised singer Raheem DeVaughn had an
epiphany early in his college career at Coppin State
University, when he saw a group of street corner singers
and began harmonizing with them. It turned his life focus
to that of becoming a professional singer, and he attained
relatively quick success, winning local awards and
successfully releasing some independent work in the D.C.
area over the next few years. He ultimately gained the
attention of veteran producers D.J. Jazzy Jeff and Kenny
Dope and signed a recording More...

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Review about Raheem DeVaughn songs
Woman | Reviewer: Yvonne Beamer
    ------ About the song Woman performed by Raheem DeVaughn

When i first heard this song around six or eight years ago, i like it. but when i started dating my man, the song became even more special. it didnt matter if he was out or at home,when the song came on the radio he would always call me n just let it play or leave it as a vouce mail. se ive been a single mom of five kids for over 27 years.

Beautifully Awesome | Reviewer: Sidney Evans
    ------ About the song Dear Jane performed by Raheem DeVaughn

The lyrics on this page are not complete. There are several lines missing and several lines miss quoted. But still this song is beautifully awesome... I love it.. I've been there a time before...

Bulletproof by Raheem Devaughn & Ludacris | Reviewer: Miss Lucy
    ------ About the song Bulletproof performed by Raheem DeVaughn

When I first heard this song I was blown away this is by far the truest lyrics that I have heard in a very long time,because if our young black men and women are not dying by the guns then they are locked up for life,so I am praying that when they hear this song they will take heed.I am a 66 year old mother and grandmother.

Young Prophet Speaks About Our Self-destruction | Reviewer: edgar watson
    ------ About the song Bulletproof performed by Raheem DeVaughn

I just heard this song on 1-14-10. It was so deep I had to pull my car over to the curb and listen to the lyrics. I am 61 and haven't had a song affect me like this in a very long time. This young brother put into words what many older and younger African Americans are feeling in their souls. The scariest thing is his refrain towards the end, "I don't know why, I don't know why...."

Too many of us don't understand why we're engaging in self-destructive & sel-defeating behavior. I pray this is not our epitaph.

love love love this speech...we CANNOT make this OUR theme song!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bulletproof performed by Raheem DeVaughn

This is one of the most true to life lyrics, I have ever heard since Marvin Gaye....I have truly enjoyed listening to this, and I always think about this as our young people are slowly destroying themselves.

Please young Ones GET IT TOGETHER...before it is your theme song!

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