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Randy Newman on his career as songwriter: "I didn't make
any calculated decision - 'Well, I'm good at this, so
that's what I'll do.' Wasn't out of any great love for it,
though. I was good at it. I never wanted to be a doctor,
like my father, or a lawyer. Baseball player, I wanted to
be..." As fate would have it, the majors passed him by -
too much music in the blood.

Newman's uncles Lionel and Emil were composer/arrangers and
a number of relatives worked in the music and movie
business; even his physician father, Irving, wrote More...

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Review about Randy Newman songs
Funny | Reviewer: Monyma
    ------ About the song Short People performed by Randy Newman

I am only 1.60m and I couldn't stop laughing. I don't know whether the song is about short minded people or about short people, but in a sarcastic way. But I do know that I like the combination of the lyrics and the cheerful music. I don't know why anybody would be offended by this song.

An absolutely crappie song | Reviewer: Mr Ford
    ------ About the song Short People performed by Randy Newman

Do you notice that he is saying a kids should bugger of and die (according to 1st verse where he says we have no reason to live)

And not only kids, short adults! I think he should bugger off and die!

He says that short people should not love, that is crap.

It is just discrimination to short people. What about people who are disabled. Some of them cannot grow!!! This is crap!

No regards to Randy Newman but best regards to other haters of this song

Mr Ford

are u people serious | Reviewer: jeff
    ------ About the song Short People performed by Randy Newman

take ur P.C. bullshot and get a life you all. I just got the song in my mind was singing it out loud and my friend asked me about it so I looked up the lyrics and what do I find....a site dedicated to the song with reviews by people whose minds seem so small they should think the song is written for them!!!! Enjoy riding your high horses for they are "Trojans" with tiny people inside....

It's Satire, People! | Reviewer: Charlie
    ------ About the song Short People performed by Randy Newman

Does it help in understanding this song to realize that its writer, Randy Newman, is short? Why would he write such a thing if it helped to humiliate him? I can't comprehend how many people misunderstand this. It's a great and wildly humorous song satirizing the prejudice Randy Newman probably experienced all his life.

Songs I Love | Reviewer: Norma Jeanne
    ------ About the song Short People performed by Randy Newman

I am 75 now. I was a runt,baby of the family & my nickname was Nubben, usually shortened to Nub. I have some family & friends that still call me Nub. My brother gave me that name as a very young child because, he said "she's no bigger than a nubben ear of corn". I have never in my whole life taken that as a put down. It was an endearment. I have never felt left out or been made fun of for being short. When I first heard this song I got the record & played it over & over & played it for other people because I liked it. I don't have the song anymore because records went the way of the eight track & cassette tapes. I have searched & searched for it but never found it---until I found this website tonight. Thank you for the song & my enjoyment of it.BTW--I won the award for the shortest adult attendee at a family reunion in July this year--because I have lost 2 inches & now am barely 5 feet tall. I may have been the smallest in stature but my Daddy warned people about messing with me because I might be the youngest & smallest but that dynamite comes in small packages. I used to drive semi's coast to coast (there were several truckers in my family)& I pulled my seat as far forward as it would go, put a pillow behind my back & sat on my winter coat with my seat belt fastened to hold me in the seat. I shocked many a driver & highway patrols. Yes, I am short, always have been & I am proud of it.

Under New Contruction | Reviewer: Evangelist e.g. williams
    ------ About the song Heaven Is My Home performed by Randy Newman

This was my first Missionary Sermon, 1975 thereabout, don't really recall the date but I recall the Message that the Lord gave to share that Mission Sunday Service "I am under New Construction"
Song was: Heaven is my goal each & every day
The message has not changed, Readers please dont for get this message "Heaven is our Goad if you are under a New Construction"
thank you for posting & the readers. STL MO

grow up people no pun intended | Reviewer: grow up
    ------ About the song Short People performed by Randy Newman

I am under 5 feet tall and have been made fun of all my life. I treat that as it is ... good for a laugh. short or tall we all find advantages and disadvantages to each. I can take a joke or I can take a laugh at my expense unless your under 5 feet shut up not your concern.

It's satire. | Reviewer: Jenna
    ------ About the song Short People performed by Randy Newman

He's not dissing short people. He's pointing out how stupid prejudice people sound.

Also, in response to a previous comment, "Fat Bottom Girls" was celebrating women with curves. Not everyone considers a big butt a bad thing. Maybe that's your prejudice.

Finally, sack up, folks. Music is art, and art is meant to provoke thought.

Perfect Lyric for a Wedding Celibration | Reviewer: Michael
    ------ About the song Feels Like Home performed by Randy Newman

Racking my brain for a song to sing and "feels like home" came drifting into my life. A friend of 50 years has planned a large wedding for his Son at The House of Blues in San Diego. The old Garage Band will entertain, with the exception of myself where I will sing in spirit. I will be singing here in Desert Town for Adam and his Bride, what a wonderful song. Bonnie Raitt sings a beautiful version and it caught my ear in the film "Michael".
A song for young love and for seasoned love. My heart can only thank Randy Newman one more time.

Oversensitive Public | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Short People performed by Randy Newman

People need to realize that this is not meant to be an offensive song against short people. Does
"Short people are just the same
As you and I
(A fool such as I)
All men are brothers
Until the day they die
(It's a wonderful world)"
not make it obvious that this is a song against prejudice, not a song that is prejudice? It's a genuinely awesome song, and y'all are just being little babies and misinterpreting the lyrics.

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