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This heavy metal group formed in Los Angeles, California,
USA, and featured Stephen Pearcy (vocals), Robbin Crosby
(guitar), Warren DeMartini (guitar), Juan Croucier (bass)
and Bobby 'The Blotz' Blotzer (drums). They evolved out of
'70s band Mickey Ratt, transmuting into their present form
in 1983, with a hint of pop about their brand of metal
similar toCheap Trick or Aerosmith. They released a
self-titled mini-album in 1983 on a local label, and struck
up a close personal friendship with members of Mötley Crüe
which no doubt helped More...

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Review about Ratt songs
I think its little or own world | Reviewer: Natasha
    ------ About the song I Want a Woman performed by Ratt

i'm pretty sure it says who had to grow up in daddy's OWN or LITTLE world (ithink its own the way it sounds, don't know how much sense it would make though.depends on how you look at it).i get this song stuck in my head at school sometimes and 1.i DON'T sing and 2.even if i did, i'm a 12yr. old girl and i would be singing I WANT A WOMAN.I DON"T WANT A WOMAN!!!!just so we're clear.if i tell my friends they WILL, FOR SURE make fun of me.they already make fun of me for liking Poison and I Want Action by Poison (my 6 yr.old sister sings it too and my 10 yr. old sister hates this type stuff*SO SHE SAYS*).I'm probably the only 12 yr. old girl who listens to stuff from the late 70's-early 90's,with a few exceptions like a few people who were in a band at that time but started their own band, or just some people who started in the later 90's.all are metal not really rock,besides a LITTLE nickelback and shinedown.by the way.its the same or more awkward when you get Girls Girls Girls by Motley Crue stuck in your head (by the way,me,both my sisters,my mom,my grandmom (on my dads side) and my uncle (also on my dads side) saw them in concert with KISS)

It's like ya know totally 80s | Reviewer: 80's Dave
    ------ About the song Round and Round performed by Ratt

This song embodied the 1980's style, theme, and sound. It rocked. One of the best rock songs ever! Also got to love the video. The silver hair spray in her hair is probably what helped sales of colored hair spray go up at Spencer's Gift at malls everywhere. ha ha Also got to LOVE Milton Burl's cameo as the rich couple. He was always so young at heart at no matter what age.

FKDupLYRICS | Reviewer: James
    ------ About the song Nobody Rides For Free performed by Ratt

Thanks shack, I was certain it was KEEP ON HAUNTING ME too, also "I'm sick and tired of talking to my little dates" Is just plain stupid, should be "I'm sick and tired of talking bout good old days" \m/ ROCK ON \m/

wrong lyrics | Reviewer: shack
    ------ About the song Nobody Rides For Free performed by Ratt

in my dreams see im on tv, is not even close to the starting sentence it should be, all my dreams keep on haunting me. There are several other changes to the song that rat made these lyrics are from the original writer.

Neighborhood heroes | Reviewer: PA
    ------ About the song Round and Round performed by Ratt

Stephen Pearcy lived down the street from us in San Diego, during the mid to late 80s. Black Porsche, custom built house, hair back in a pony tail. One neighborhood kid had the mettle to knock on his door, and was rewarded with armfuls of signed Ratt merchandise.

RATT started the the ball ROLLING!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: RATTMAN
    ------ About the song Round and Round performed by Ratt

Growing up in the 80's was by far the best time for a future guitar players dream. I spent countless hours learning from one of the masters. Mr. Warren Demartini. Pardon the spelling, spent more time playing then in school. Besides everyone knew that if you could play Round and Round or any RATT song for that matter and had the spandex and the hair then it was your ticket to more ass!!!! then you could handle. GOD I LOVED that song and alot of ladies along the way!! Thanks Warren I learned from the MASTER!!! Bottom line I may be getting up there in Age but I will never lose my kid at heart drive that stems from a little song called "Round and Round". What comes around goes around. Thanks guy's.

Much better than today's shit | Reviewer: Jim
    ------ About the song Round and Round performed by Ratt

This music is awesome. 80's Metal is the greatest. Today's bands like Breaking Benjamin and Rise Against are shit compared to this. Stephen Pearcy does excellent vocals on this one. Long Live 80's Metal!

Rock On Brother | Reviewer: Suzy
    ------ About the song Round and Round performed by Ratt

Excuse me while I play this song and attempt some massive air guitar. What a classic. Brings back the memories and makes me feel like I'm 18 again. Almost died when I heard it in the movie "The Wrestler" after not hearing it for so long. Time for a reunion guys.

Out of the Sellout | Reviewer: Kelly Matthews
    ------ About the song Round and Round performed by Ratt

Great commercial metal from the 80s. C'mon, you're not selling out because girls happen to like your music. Music for the masses made the 1980s great. It's not solving the problems of the world, but sometimes just getting away from your problems by jamming out to a song like this, is good enough. I miss the 80s.

Wanted Man | Reviewer: Kelly Matthews
    ------ About the song Wanted Man performed by Ratt

This is the opening track to the first full length RATT album and it couldn't have started any better. This is 80s hair metal at its finest. Catchy chorus, great guitar riffs, and a drum intro that sets the stage for the entire album. They don't make metal like this anymore and that's a shame.

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